Decatur bend - Any luck with catfishing there?

Discussion in 'LOCAL IOWA TALK' started by douglas_413, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. douglas_413

    douglas_413 New Member

    Does anyone fish Decatur bend just west of Onawa? And have you had good luck with cats there?
  2. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Hi.doug i havent fished it this year yet but drove up and looked at it about a month ago and it had more water in it than it did last fall. I had a little trouble getting my boat launched as the water was down .dident have any luck fishing though.several years ago as i have been it was realy good and you could axcess it from the river . I have also fished blue lake which is just north of there about 2 miles and have taken some nice chanles between 3 and 8 can fish it very easealy from the bank it also has a nice boat ramp,I usualy fish it durning the week on my day off because on the weekends the pleasure boaters and jet skis drive you crazy durning the day. But at night there usually over in the campground smoking lefthanded ciggarets and drinking there bank bait(barleypop) hope this helps see you on the water