Dec, 25,has a far dif. meaning.

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    Yup Its christmas,Christ's birthday,presants for the kids ,from the reletives ,get the house decorated an stuff. This year It finally hit me ,something that happened way back in 1999at about 5;00pm.
    I lost my dad to emphysema. my wife and I were visiting her family in Oklahoma and we told my mother and dad that since dad was in the hospital we would stay and not travel. Mom said absolutely not ,You go and celebrate with Ruths fam. we will be ok.Well mom called the closest cousin to where we were and she was 4 blocks away from my sister in laws house. and she waited till her husband came home at 9;00pm to tell me to call my mom. I'm sorry folks ,but I despise that woman ,and to this day I hav'nt spoken to her since. Too darn lazy to walk 4 damn blocks and give me an emergency message!! any way I will be having some alone time as usual ,just to remember my dad.
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    Richard, I really am sorry that this great holiday brings such unpleasant memories for you. I guess that for a lot of people Christmas takes on so many different meanings...I pray that God will eventually ease your pain brother and that He will give you a reason to look forward to this joyous time of the year.

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    I can understand that
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    Richard. A little quote for ya.

    Whittier: "For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, "It might have been."

    Visit with your Pop. He knows what might have been. He would tell you not to feel guilty. He is just happy you still spend some time with him.
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    How do you tell a man his dad is dead? As I sit here mulling over your thread I am thinking that perhaps this lady was too afraid to handle the situation. Death affects us all differently. Perhaps, as you think, she was too lazy to walk over to tell you.

    I have had that battle, once, only not family. I was a Sales manager and one of my salesmen failed to show one day. We got a call from the State Highway Patrol telling us someone driving one of our cars had been taken to the hospital and to come pick up our car. I called the hospital and was informed that he had expired (massive stroke). The next call I received was from his wife, who was broken down at the mall. I told her there had been an accident and went to pick her up. The Hospital was approx 45 minutes away and let me tell you the information was a heavy load. I waited until I got to the hospital to let the professionals tell her. I told myself that I didn't need to endanger ourselves in a moving vehicle by telling her, but the truth was I was not prepared to give someone that kind of news.

    Either way, for you the pain and anger have a far larger effect on you than her. Is there any way you can give yourself the gift of forgiveness? We are all weak, for we are human. I may be completely out of line, but I felt the need to voice my observation and apologize if I have overstepped these internet boundaries.
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    Richard I lost my dad unexpected at Christmas in 88, and every year the same emotions creep in. I feel ya.