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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Mac-b, Oct 18, 2007.

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    In December 2006, WylieCat informed me of the BOC and the character of the folks on this board. Ten months later, I have to agreed with WylieCat that we have some dedicated catfishermen/women on the BOC and a high percentage care about our fisheries.

    There is currently a debate on the North Carolina Board, General Section, about jugging because someone in Texas wanted to know if it was legal to jug in North Carolina. Well, as usual the ---- hit the fan. The pro's and the con's came forward with their opinions. It appears that one side does not trust the other. That got me to thinking, and here is what I came up with.

    If we are all of good character and are dedicated to our fisheries, why are we debating this issue with hot tempers. To me, it is not our membership that is abusing the right to jug, but those not amongst us. It appears to me that we are like the preacher who is preaching to the choir.

    From the juggers I hear comments such as I do it for food, or it is a good way to entertain the kids or I just like that method for one reason or the other. Nothing wrong with that if it is done in a responsible manner.

    From the hook and lines guys you hear statements that they are butchering the thropy cats or they are not attending the jugs or not collecting all the jugs when they are thru. They have seen it so it must be the truth.

    I think we (BOC membership) know what is right and what is wrong, but it is those not prescribing to our sense of what is best for the catfish industry that hurts the fisheries the most, not ourselves. So, next time this issue comes up, think about your brothers and sisters on both sides and give them the benefit of doubt. Remember what Pee Wee says in his closing "Brothers and Sisters I Love You".

    I have hear people at public meetings say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Well, the abusing of catfish is broke or almost broke in different parts of the USA and it looks like someday someone will come up with a state regulation to fix it and then the debate will start all over. Both sides of this issue on the BOC will have to come forward to assist in developing a fair and just solution for all concern when this happens. Who is better informed than us, nobody that I know of at the present time. Mac
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    Great observation Mac :cool2:

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    i do agree there are some people who dont tend there jugs and there are people who litter. i jug fish but alot of it has to do with the size bait , just like fishing with a rod and reel big bait useally big fish . i belive it is just like deer hunting you cant shoot all the does and then no reproduction for the future . i belive the boc as whole is a good thing and a voice that can be heard there are pros and cons on both sides but commercial nets and baskets and trot line here in miss are far worse on throphy cats than jugs ever could be . i my self have been tangled in a trot line and pulled a 30 pound yellow of it that the hook was rusty and had woren a hole in his bottom jaw the size of my fist. i have fished cabela and bass pro ,the sport of cat fishing can and will pass bass fishing if people stick togeather . lets face the fact catfish arent easy to catch! finally a record cat can eat a record bass any day. i have tried in the past to make a gathering and at one time tried to host one when only canebreak and bad krama and his grandson came . i belive this a good thing and will make a difference as long as we stick togeather!
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    IF they are tended as they should, I think it could be a fun way to fish (now and then). If they are tended like some of the trot-lines i've run across, they would be a fish wasting pain in the butt.