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Original post made by Dean West(Ldw45) on January 17, 2005

Years ago I fished a lake that had some huge carp in it and sold their own private carp bait that worked extremely well. We used a very small treble hook, Don't know the size but was about the size of the end of your little finger. We tied it on the line with no sinker and let sink to bottom. Usually we had to "warm up a spot" by fishing it a while cause the bait would come off the hook bout every 15 minutes and i assumed the fish continued to feed in the area from what melted off our hooks. I bought many a pack of that bait and one day went to get some and the lady said they were out but was about to mix up a batch if I would wait. I was able to watch her and when I left wrote down the recipe. Here it is and it sure has worked for me anywhere I have fished for them, but would not be good in running water.

I used a 1 lb coffee can as a measure, but you could adapt for a smaller batch if you wanted to give it a try.

1 can Wheates (crushed)
1/2 can wheat germ
1 can corn meal
1/2 can alfalfa meal (get it at feed store)
1/4 can salt (I added garlic salt)

I mixed it with water....just enough till it would form a ball on the hook just smaller than a golf ball... too stiff and the fish did not seem to like it....too thin and you couldn't cast it.

They would bite slow, sucking on that bait but just be patient letting them get it deep inside the mouth. Set the hook and the fight is on.
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