Dead Manatee

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by capt.kirk, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. capt.kirk

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    went out to take my morning bike ride,started past the canal 1 street over
    from me and saw a very large MANATEE must have came thru the feeder
    tubes with the high tide this a.m. neighbor had already called the DNR they
    were here within 15 min. with a wrecker a diver and a flatbed truck,they
    are loading it now it is about 8 ft long and around 500 lbs.the body looked
    really cut up,probably from rocks,and had what looked to me to be prop
    cuts,those boys that launch in the cotee river get a little carried away
    with there speed coming up the river or going out to the gulf,they are taking
    it to the lab to find out what it died from,i hope it was from the storm and
    not some reckless boater. :sad:
  2. willisjj

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    Thats too bad. Those manatee are pretty awesome animals. I was deployed to Cuba for in 1994 and I remember swimming with them while snorkeling. They were huge, and the strangest looking things I had ever seen. I didn't have much ocean experience (being from Oklahoma, lol) and at first I had no idea what they even were until someone let me know.

  3. capt.kirk

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    it is an experience to watch them swim,i dont know how any thing that
    odd looking can be so in florida they look after there saftey
    real close,that is why the DNR responded so quick to this dead one,i have
    waited longer for an ambulance to arrive than it took them to get here.
    KIRK :D
  4. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    Dang what a bummer man......My aunt is a retired marine bilogist, and she use to do studys on manatee. She swam with them, and stuff. I remember her talking about how some get killed from getting hit by boats. :sad:
    There very cool creatures.
  5. cook

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    Dang,what a waste,taste almost as good as roost eagles