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My 71 evinrude 60hp won't fire a lick.urns over just fine but no fire.
I have what is called aa Universal Ignition Pulsar on it which just happens to hae a nice whole in one side of it.Could that be the biggestproblem? And if so where can you find one and how much do they run.
Heres a picture of the part and one with the hole in it.I'm rather dumb when it comes to these motors.
60 hp evinrude 1971
Model # 60173C
Serial # J12565
All help appericated....


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John I have found the numbers for that control box. Omc no longer makes them but I have a number for the CDI and sierra

The CDI is CDI-1137123

tHE SERREA IS sie-185749

I would try the sierrea first as you can go to your local NAPA store and ask them to order it or your local orielly's and order it.
The CDI you will have to accesss them online or order thoroug some local marine store. Take the box off that is on it and write all the numbers down and the brand of the box and we may be able to obtain one of those.
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