Dead batteries...again

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    Im having trouble with my batteries in my seadoo jet boat. It has two engines and a battery for each of them. They are small batteries like the ones in jetski's. They are only about 7 months old. They have been run completly down from my kids turning on the lights on and leaving them on all night. Will that ruin batteries? In my main fishing boat I have run my trolling battery all the way down many times and it still is good. Im stumped:crazy:! Any suggestions?
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    Completely dead batteries are a challenge for any charger to handle well.
    Particularly ones with a charging rate that those small framed units would like. Don't be concerned if they won't take a charge right off.. Give them a chance.
    When I am trying to reserect a dead one, I use two chargers. A Variable rate 6 amp unit to get them started for justa few mins. and as soon as there is any detectable heat rise, I swith to a 1 amp tender type . Its not an accurate way to do it but I like to concider the Amp rating of the battery, It is generally right on the side. And use that as a reperence. 7.2 amperhr would get 15-20 min at 6 amps to get it cookingat 6 amps, and a follow on deep charge for 6 or so hours to finish it off with the small charger.
    I almost always find if I let them set and cool over night or at least a couple hours... My tender will go back into charge rate (1 amp) for an hour or so before calling it good to go and retreating in to tend mode.

    Not gospal by any means but it will help you keep from making those run down batteries trade ins right off the bat.

    Good luck.

    R Green

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    Lead-acid batteries, such at the type that are in a car, do not handle being fully discharged very well. However, there are some lead-acid batteries that are specifically meant for deep discharge, so you might want to find out what type you have.

    -- Rich
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    Them kids will get you every time.

    I bet 'NOBODY' did it. That 'NOBODY' guy is well known around these parts!:smile2::roll_eyes:
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    Right on about those kids... and they probably haven't even got to the expensive stage yet. LOL
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    what about installing a MASTER SWITCH to kill both batterys when you are not using them?? after while of the lights not coming on the kids will give it up and you will save your batterys. the keyed switches are only 10 or less and will save you a lot of heartache!!