Dawn fishing an old pond!

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    Tomorrow morning me and my dad are dawn fishing the pond that I caught my big flathead out of.The bass are humungus.I saw a bass fin just hangin on top of the water like a sharks fin would do.And it was BIG.The Kats there are pretty picky.I caught my flat right after it rained in the afternoon yesterday.I also was fishing at 8:30 the one night and had an even bigger Kat on my line then I caught yesterday.But I only had 10 pound on and I didn't even reel I just let it get tired so much for that thought ~SNAP~ goes my line.So now on that reel I have Spider Wire_20 POUND_.So tomorrow morning I hope the Kats are biting.The bass too.:big_smile:

    If any of you have catfish in your pond and know their ways please HELP ME~
    Also any tips are VERY VERY VERY appreciated!!:tounge_out: