Davy Crockett/Humboldt Lake

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    Bells, Tennessee
    Does anyone have much luck at Davy Crockett/Humboldt Lake (the one in West Tennessee)? I've only been there a few times, and I haven't ever caught any, but I was probably doing a lot wrong since I was only around 14 at the time and knew nothing about fishing. What're the good times of day to go looking for catfish there? I an't looking for any really big fish, just some on the smaller end that I can eat that day and be done with 'em.
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    I have fished there twice. Once from boat, once from bank. I did limit on 2 1/2 channels from the bank. I went all the way down past the dam and around the lake untill you get to a feeder creek (fishing the whole way). Cast out about 50 yards into creek channel. I was using liver. It took four hours to fish my away around to this spot and 30 minutes to limit out.
    Travel light it's a long way around. Or do like I did, I converted a big yellow yard wagon to a fishing wagon. I haven't been back since drought started (May). I plan on going back after the blues this winter.