Darters, Jackminnows, and Logperch Will Catch Catfish

Discussion in 'LOCAL TENNESSEE TALK' started by festus, Oct 11, 2009.

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    I called an old fishing buddy this morning I haven't seen or heard from in a while. He says he has been catching flatheads and blues on Watts Bar using shiners, chubs, and logperch he catches from a creek in a minnow trap.

    Years ago I used logperch a couple of times on throw lines, and they work as well as chubs, if you can find them. I'm pretty sure the logperch is related to the walleye, sauger, and yellow perch. They don't get much over 6". Actually, I don't know for sure the ones I used were darters or logperch because they are so similar. Oh, I forgot, there is a species called the snail darter. Better not use these, they are endangered.

    So if you happen to catch one of these strange looking fish in a minnow trap, seine, or cast net, try it. I have never seen them in ponds or lakes, only clean streams.