Darryl's Rope and Cord Organizers

Discussion in 'Catfishing Library' started by FS Driver, Jan 4, 2007.

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    I'd like to pass along an inexpensive and very useful tip on keeping cords and rope stowed and tangle free. Take a plastic caulk tube after its been used, and with a razor or sharp pocket knife cut it into 3 sections. This tube will become a band that can be slipped over rope or extension cord coils and keep them organized. It is helpful to loop your power tool cords into coils and slip one of these sleeves over it as well . I will take pictures of my vans cord stock and you will see how handy it is. I Dont know if this is library material but it is a handy and cheap aid to keep organized.

    This works for anchor or dock rope as well.


    Moderator's Note: Well Darryl, I guess it is library material, since it's here now! :lol:
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    Try to tie some half gallon milk jugs on the end of anchor ropes so when you get that big one on you can untie from your boat and fight that big cat without him getting in your ropes and you can come right back to the same spot without lulling anchor up from those deep holes

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    i use a telephone wire spools for my ropes and it works great