Darn rain

Discussion in '4X4 Truck Talk and Repairs' started by Mike81, Nov 24, 2008.

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    I took the trans/transfer case out of my f250 diesel this weekend. Flexplate was broke. I'm thinkin it may have been caused by the torque converter going south. At least I hope...went to my trans guy this morning and got a new convertor, had the flexplate for a while now from ford.
    Just got the trans back in...now just have to put everything else back, crossmember, wires, exhaust, linkages etc....

    My neighbors probably think I'm an idiot...pouring rain and I'm laying in my driveway with a huge tarp tented over my truck putting a trans in... Hey, i'm nice and dry and ya gotta do what ya gotta do...it won't fit in the garage right now...lol

    Well back at...was just taking a break and felt like BSing....:smile2: