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    Original post made by Dano Bailey(Rexrudedog) on April 7, 2005

    A tread was started on asking for tips on cleaning flats ( catfish ). A fish cleaning station makes it much easier for me. So I'm posting the one I built.


    My home made fish cleaning station.

    I have cleaned my fish on the tail gate of my truck, wooden spool, in my kitchen, which my wife didn't like too much and finally built this fish cleaning station with used materiel I collected over time. It works for many things beside fish, I cut up a deer on it this year that a friend gave me.

    It didn't cost me a thing to build except, nails & wood glue, labor and a couple hours of putting it together. I collected the material from here and there, stuff laying around my shed, from friends etc. I'm the type that saves others throw away's and use it when I can.
    You know, ones man's trash is another man's treasure. LOL. I may be the only one here that hauls trash to the dump and comes back with something, so I might be a red neck LMAO. I don't pick up everything I see, just stuff that I think has potential, which is everything I see. LOL. I sometimes keep stuff for years and the day I throw it away, a week later I need it. LOL.

    This is a long post, but I thought since some like it I would write this up In case anyone wants to build their own and needs a little help getting started , this is how I did mine. Poor mans way. LOL. plus I am bored today. LOL. Also I'm not a good carpenter. I'm sure others have many good ideals of their own. Can use scrapes, stuff you have laying around, are buy new materials..

    Materials I use are all treated wood, metal bar going across the top that was part of a trampoline frame, sink, 4 bolts, couple of S hooks and 2 large hose clamps.
    I had tore down a porch and ended up with a piece of 1/2" plywood, 3' 9" x 3' 9" that I used for the table top. I like the wooden table top. Its like a big cutting board.
    I also ended up with four short 4 x 4 's and cut them to equal lengths, which made table over all height of 2' 9" , minus the top of bar.
    Odd sizes, but like I said I used what I collected in scrap.

    I used 2 x 4's for framing and across the middle to help support the table top and to case in around the top of the 4 x 4 legs. This made the table very sturdy. It does not wobble when leaning against it or with weight on table top.

    A friend of mine gave me an old stainless steal Hospital sink which works great for holding and washing meat and of course washing your hands when done.
    I had adapters that I fitted on the sink connections so I could hook up a water hose to it
    for main water supply and it would be moveable if need be. I added a tee connection so main water hose would hook on and added a short hose to other side of tee connection so I could use a sprayer to wash off table, squirt people in my way LOL , etc.

    We had an old trampoline metal frame that I had for years. The frame is in sections. I got lucky and the sections was perfect size to fit across the middle of table to be used for hanging fish, light, extra water hose with sprayer etc. I drilled two holes on each side of metal bar, using 2 bolts on each side to attached bar to table. Note. can use the other sections of trampoline frame to make hand rails on porches and steps, great for disability people to hold on to. Just cement them in ground.

    Once all was put together, I drilled a small hole at the top of bar on each side. I used an old bungee cord S hook for my fish hanging hooks. Put one end in drilled hole on bar and sharpen the other end of hook so it will be easier to poke through bottom lip of catfish.
    The hooks were a little loose just hanging in the drilled hole, so I put screw hose clamp on each to hold it steady. Works great. Could weld the hooks on bar.

    I plan on adding a lockable draw under table to store all my fish and game cleaning stuff and maybe to hide some things from my wife. LOL. Well there ya go, used scrap stuff, a little time and labor and I got a cheap, but quality fish cleaning station that will last for years.There's many ways you can make one.

    I really like the table, comes in handy for many outside projects. I had planned on taking it to my lake lot, but my wife wants it for our back yard. Looks like I better start collecting more stuff to build her another one cause this one is mine. Don't tell her that. LOL.

    First pic, Table bar. This is the S hooks I used for hanging the fish on. You can see one end goes in bar, clamp or weld it to bar to make tight fit, sharpen other end and hang any catfish you want on it for skinning, by hooking fish under bottom lip, then lay fish on table for filleting. In top left corner of pic you can see how I bolted it to table using two bolts on each side. Can also see the stainless steal sink. I installed it on one corner of table to give more working space. Just cut hole out of table top and screw down sink. Works good
    for me.


    Second pic, is side view and you can see that I got my hose sprayer hanging on other hook for now.


    Third pic is the framing and casing in the legs to make it more sturdy. You can't see it well ,but there is also a short piece between the outside and inside part of frame around leg.
    keeps leg from moving back and forth. Plus support across the middle going both ways. Makes it more sturdy.


    Forth pic, you see the tee adapter for the main water hose and the short extra hose for sprayer. Both sides of tee has its own, on an off switch. Drain can be seen also. For now I use a 5 gal bucket to catch water so I want be standing in mud. I plan on using a piece of over size PVC pipe to go over drain and let elbow sit on ground to hold it up against sink drain and run water through PVC to another area for draining.


    Last two pic's, 3925 just a better look at sink and table.



    All I need to do now is to catch some fish . LOL.
    I think the small to medium size fish taste the best and have fewer chemicals in them. Thats just me. As long as its a legal fish, you choice on what size you choose to eat. Good luck catching and cleaning fish.

    Now, lets clean some fish and CPR the rest.