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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by jedimanhunter, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. jedimanhunter

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    Is it just me and the catfish or has Danny King's recipe changed. Last year Danny King's Blood was my go to bait when I was not using shad. It was an awsome summertime and other times as well.

    This year it seems I can't buy a bite with when using that bait. I bought a gallon of that stuff and was loading some of my smaller containers and it seems to smell and look different. I found myself fishing the riprap two weeks ago with a float and I had some lines out deep going for some blues with some shad. All of the conditions were right in regards to wind speed/ direction and temp. Referring to personal experience I should have been busy catching fish. I got flustered and removed the bait and stuck a shad on the trebble hook just to see if I could solicit a bite before I changed the rig out to a circle hook which is my normal shad hook. I was just tinkering.

    Well Bamm, fish on was that a fluke, Bamm got another fish. I finshed the morning with with a good trip and several fish. I feel had I not tinkered and stuck with the Danny Kings, I would not have caught the fish that I did. I chalked it up as an off day for the stink bait but now its the norm and I have all but lost faith in my go to bait when using stink baits.

    Is anyone else having a similar experience or know something I don't.

    On another note, I subscribed to the catfish gold last sept or october i believe, I did not see my december issue or any issue since. I emailed Catfish Gold to see if they were sending it as I considered someone was stealing it. I never got a reply.

    What is your go-to store bought stink bait. I am looking for something else. Thanks.
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    They did change the recipe and the new one is junk. Mine is finding it's way to the trash can.

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    Hi Jeff.....the Commando is attempting to contain the Catfish Gold talk on this thread:


    A lot of folks have had trouble, and for a while there the board was running rampant with threads concerning that. Thanks bro.

    Welcome to the Brotherhood of Catfishermen family!
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    Kansas City
    I am not saying I will never use it again, but I have ran through two quarts with out one fish on quite a few lakes.
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    I caught one small channel (under 1#) a few weeks ago. Bullheads don't even hit it.