Dangers of boating big fish

Discussion in 'Alternative Methods of Catching Catfish' started by wildturkey, May 17, 2009.

  1. wildturkey

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    I learned first hand this past week of the potential danger associated with boating big fish on a trotline. I caught a 30 pounder ( big fish for me ) and was by myself. He was too big for the net, so I stuck my hand in his mouth. :eek:oooh: Now I know the reason for the glove I have heard talked about here. Thank goodness the lake was calm or I would never have tried it. I can only imagine trying to boat some of those 60 # plus some of ya'll catch. How do you do it by yourself? I did have enough sense to have a good knife strapped to my belt. I can easly see how a big fish could dive for the bottom and pull those hooks into your hand taking you with him. All I can say is be careful.
  2. Mickey

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    30# fish sounds like a good problem to be in. Sometime we have to take the scars to be victorius.:wink:

  3. catfishrollo

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    Can't be scared of a few scrapes, and some bloody knuckles! I actually feel unproductive come Monday after a weekend of rod and reel fishing if I am not tore up! :wink: rollo
  4. Pip

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    I look at them as battle scars. But I also keep a bottle of peroxide in the boat too. if untreated infection can quickly set in. With all the bacteria and parasites in the water it doesn't take long.
  5. o'boro cat hunter

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    Team Catfish grips work awesome for someone who fishes alot by there self and yes,you can pull in some big fish with these grippers,at a very reasonable price.Highly recommended.:wink:
  6. thecatman

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    Graham, Texas,
    nice fish and ya cant be scared of a few battle scars just gotta live with it and be ready for the next one just make sure when ya grab em ya keep a good grip on em
  7. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    For trotline fishing develop good habits is the key. A fun fishing trip
    can turn into a tragedy if you are careless often enough. My Dad and
    I trotlined for many years and thru trail and error and some near misses
    we worked out some good rules. Never allow the line to slide thru your
    hands. Reach and grab the line with one hand grip tightly and reach with
    the other hand grab the line further down the line with a firm grip and
    release the first hand. Never let slack line coil in your lap or bottom of
    the boat. Put slack line in the water you can stretch it later. When baiting
    hang your main line on a cleat or oar lock never under your arm or leg.
    Never rap line around your hand. If you hold your main line with a firm
    grip and and it gets to tight just turn it loose. Sooner or later your line
    will get hung up and you will try to pull it free. I say again don't rap the
    line around your hand, rap it around your paddle. When you have pulled
    till you can't pull any more and you can't hold any longer cut your line.
    No fish or no trotline is not worth dying over. Always carry a spare gallon
    jug and a drag line in your boat. If you have to cut a line tie it to a jug
    and let it float. Take your drag and drag for the part you cut. When you
    find it you can join it back up with the jug line. But If something down
    there keeps hanging you up you might want to move the line. This is
    enough rules to get you started, you will probably add some of your
    own as time goes by. Have fun and be careful.
  8. catfisherman369

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    Nashville Il.
    I agree a good pair of grips or a bigger net makes the job easier . Congrats on the 30 pounder .
  9. wildturkey

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    I don't have a problem with a few battle scares. I was thinking of the safety aspect of boating a large fish by yourself.

    Poppa gave some good advice...some things I had not thought of, and will start doing, or not doing, as the case may be. Also I saw the grippers on one of the videos and think that will be a good investment.

    Thanks guys,
  10. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Somehow it seems your taking the "macho" element out of fishing if you use a grip. Unlike most of the board members, I ONLY fish for fun. I am not so serious about it that I'd use a gripper, and I'd probably be suffering from a sun spot before I would use the net. Gotta give the fish a chance, everything is stacked in the humans favor.
  11. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    I tangled with a very feisty 42# last year. When I reached for my net, it was tangled up with some rods I wasn't using, so I decided to hand grab the fish. Bad move! I was able to grab his jaw, but he twisted and started shaking like they normally do and I lost my grip and as the fish was falling back in the water, the hook caught my pinky finger, dug in, then the weight of the fish ripped the hook back out. I had no choice but to attempt another hand grab and being PO'd from the first attempt, I was able to land him. I had a nice sized chunk of meat hanging out of my pinky. Catfish 1, Josh - 0. They gotta win 'em sometimes.

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  12. Bricky

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    2 weeks ago I cought a 27 pound blue and my net was back at the dock so I grabbed him by the lip not realizing it was that nice a fish. he clamped down on my thumb and started to fight. I got him in the boat when it was all over with my thumb was bleading like a stuck pig and my thumb hurt for 3 days after that.
  13. wildturkey

    wildturkey New Member

    That's what I am talking about. Things can and do go wrong. When you stick your hand in the mouth of a big cat that has a hook in it's mouth and is attached to a line with a lot more hooks.....well, there is a possibility that something can go wrong. But I do dearly love it!!!
  14. carnivor way

    carnivor way Guest

    nice job with the 42
  15. BubbaCat

    BubbaCat Well-Known Member

    42 lb Catfish:crazy: what a terrible problem to have !!:haha::haha:
  16. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    Yea,, I try and use Gloves, if I can remember to put them on..

    I don't stick my digits in a channelcats mouth...

    Flatheads aren't too bad..

    No experience w/Blues.. Need to fix that..!!
  17. Bomberman

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    Spring Run, PA
    That's why they make landing nets...you're just asking for trouble if you stick your hand into a big cat's mouth with the hook still in it. Use the landing net, get him in the boat and then remove the hook. Then you can handle him to get the bragging pictures...once all that "impaling equipment" is removed.

    Tight lines.
  18. altcatmaster

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    I trotline alone all the time I gotta couple tips first I have a large landing net I tied myself also I keep a gaff with a short handle to get him by the gill I also for safety have a lanyard tied to the cleat of my boat and snapped to my belt loop with a d-ring so if Im pulled overboard I'm tettered to the boat hope this helps ya 42# is a goodun
  19. mrgib31

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    Conway, Arkansa
    I use fish grips they are not from team catfish but they are made by the same company. From Cabelas they are only $12.99 a little cheaper than Team catfish.

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  20. Blind In Texas

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    At least you have good enough sense to realize the risks AND keep your knife close to the hand.