Dang, the fish are picky now

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by catman529, Dec 1, 2006.

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    When I went out yesterday before the cold front, I only got a couple good hits. The fish only hit the stronger smelling bait. One bag of baitfish had been frozen, used at the river, frozen again and I was using it again. They didn't touch the bait from that bag. The other bag was a little more recent, not used, and they hit the strongest smelling minnow/shiner type fish. Redhorse have a much lighter scent and got no hits. The regular shiners turned sort of mushy and didn't have a lot of scent. I got a hit on a chopped b-gill head w/ guts. Then there are these shiners, kinda like a cross between a chub, redhorse and shiner. They are round like a chub, have a blunt nose like a redhorse and resemble shiners. They are packed w/ foul blackish green guts and they smell strong. I caught most of my biggest fish with these. I got a hit or two on this bait from the newer bag.

    Although I caught nothing, I know what bait to use now. But I emptied both bags at the river, so it's time to get out a new one - and maybe catch more. The only one left is full of the good bait, but all of their guts are spilling out. I guess I should get on my sloppy clothes and use them next time.

    Hope this helps y'all.

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    It be like that at times.