Damn Shads!!!

Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by f155mph, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. f155mph

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    I caught 30-40 shads today with one cast with my 4 foot net. I was very surprise I caught so many. Anyway the problem I had was keeping them alive.

    The shads I caught started dying as soon as they got in the bucket(less then 1 min out of water). Why are these fish so wimpy? I had less then 10 alive when I got to my fishing spot. Is there some trick to keep them alive longer?
  2. playin4funami

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    shad are constantly moving and require a lot of oxygen,the water flowing over there gill plates helps then absorb the oxygen to make this simple they need flowing moving water constantly to provide adequate oxygen for them to live,plus the amount of disolved oxygen in a five gallon bucket of water is not near enough to keep 40 big shad alive for more than a few minutes.

  3. Mickey

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    Joe if they die use them as cut bait. You will get good results.
  4. JBrooks

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    I wish I had your problem. :smile2:
    I never keep the shad alive, unless we're on the boat.
    Keeping them alive otherwise is too complicated.
    I have great results using them as cutbait anyways.
  5. larry again

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    joe some years back 2 fisherman from ok should me a trick, that has worked for me in the past. I use a large cooler filled with water . I put in a couple of hands full of PLAIN SALT not iodise salt in the water . they told me it helps their slim coat ,it seems to keep them alive longer to me.
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    joed you may want to do some research on a bait tank
  7. efrith

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    It sounds like you were fish not far from where you got the shad. If this is the case you can take a 5 gallon bucket and drill a lot of holes in it put a lid on it tie a rope to the handle and put in the water. The shad will be in the water they came from and have the necessary oxygen levels they need. I put a fun noodle around the one I have to keep it a floating on the surface.

    I hope this helps.
  8. Welder

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    We get the shad wont stay alive question all the time. If they die get em on ice. Lotsa shad tank set ups in the older posts here just go back 6 Months on the thread read everything posted on keepne shad alive and you we be a expert @ keeping shad alive anytime anywhere and building tanks for em. Now skips and mooneyes keepen them alive is a secret almost no one will tell :wink:
  9. efrith

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    I know that's right I have kept skips for about a hour one time but it was early spring and the water was still cold.
  10. dinger66

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    i want to know the secret on the skipjack please
  11. 223reload

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    I've never tried to keep shad alive,I just throw em on ice immediately as I get em,They work great fresh dead. I use the 3-5' whole and cut the larger ones .
  12. yellingrebel78

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    just build you a good aerated tank keep the water circulating in it and filter it and some rock salt plus keep it cool and they will stay alive.It works doing this I have kept them alive in my tank on the boat for I know 12hrs and turned them loose before i went home and alsp I have a 300 gal tank in my barn I got shad and gills in and they been in for at least 2 months now

    CNTRYBOY New Member

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    Some very good advice given here. I will be trying some of these setups.
  14. katfish ken

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    One of the biggest things about keeping shad alive is to keep them in water they came out of and keep the water moving. A round tank with a bilge pump, circulating the water does a fair job. Even better if you are always pumping fresh water into the tank. Hope This Helps.
  15. catfish10101

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    Des Allemands,
    It might sound strange, but pouring a little peroxide into the bait container actually increases the oxygen level and will help them stay alive longer. The biggest problem is overcrowding, make sure the tank is big enough. A round tank will keep them from being beat up in corners so that helps. A bilge pump pulling from the bottom, and pumping into the top keeps the water oxygenated. Peroxide will give a oxygen boost to them during the stressed time right after coming out of the net. Keep them cool, but not too cold. Hope this helps.
  16. SkiMax

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    Lotsa water being pumped over them. 1500+ gph. Create a strong enough current that they will swim in place against it. And keep the place dark so they don't spook.
  17. Andy52

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    Water at the same temp as the fish came from so they don't go into shock, large enough tank that is well aerated.....and Please don't laugh...sedate them. There are additives that basically put them to sleep to reduce the stress.
  18. GMC FishHauler

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    I have learned to keep shad alive for several days (10 days is longest) thru trial and error and reading what others have done.

    First, before you cast your net have atleast a 5 gal bucket available with water. Dump the shad into the bucket directly from the net. Keep catching shad for a few minutes dumping them into the 5 gal bucket.

    Have a shad tank (look in the archives for a good homemade version) with declorinated water and rock salt, I like about 4-5 cups for my 50 gal tank. Pick out the healthiest looking shad from the 5 gal bucket with a BAIT NET!!! Do not use your hands. Keep the shad tank going at all times, in the summer add declorinated ice to the water to keep temps down (I use a fish tank thermometer to keep water below 80, I prefer below 75degs.)

    Couple things to consider,
    You need something to filter the scales and crap out of the water. I have a Greyline tank that pumps the water into a filter box. I use polycotton material to filter out scales and the crap.

    I like to have clear water in the tank so I use tap-water. I declorinate it with "Stress-Coat" from Wal-Mart. This seems to help keep them alive longer as well.

    For long term storage you will need to drain some water from bottom of tank periodicaly. I will drain and add water twice a day, I try to only drain 5 or 10 gals at a time. Go ahead and have the water declorinated in the 5 gal bucket and add the salt to the bucket before dumping it in.

    If you only have a 12v system on the shad tank, find an adapter from radio shack or somewhere. There are lots of small items that have these adapters that plug into 110v AC that converts to 12vDC. Good luck and PM me with any questions
  19. big cat matt

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    I do about the same thing with the salt and ice.
    The biggest thing for me is taking out 5 to 10 gallons out a coulpe times a day,I always take it out of the bottom of the tank.
  20. striper steve

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    theres a good article by infisherman about striper fishing on the rivers in tenn, one of the guides interviewed in the article tells his setup for keeping skips alive, he had a large bait tank with some kinda of oxygen infusion system,i dont remeber every thing but i know he said he had over 1200$ in his setup. you may be able to find the article online. i know ive caught some hickory shad that are almost imposible to keep alive(never fished with skips). good luck