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Dallas CowBoys!

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I just though D.C. fans could talk hear.
Why are the Cowboys wearing those uniforms tonight on MNF?
Bad luck. LOL.
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Heck I've been busy with garage selling stuff and BBQing. I forgot , Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin was going to be horned tonight. The Ring of Honor. :thumbsup:
I sure would like to see the Triplets on the field one more time.
You know it man!

But, we couldn't see it on TV.

Had to be at the game.

Yea I know. That was not right. :crying: I did get to see part of it.:D

Did you guys see that flea flicker. I like that :cool:
I don't know what I was thinking about the uniforms.LOL :D :0010:
ummmm........ what happened to the cowboys?
They lost in the 4th quarter. Great rivalry. Those 2 deep ball killed the Cowboys. Got to hand it to Gibbs and the Skins. What a come back!
That was a wild game! I thought that the Cowboys had it wrapped up,and then WAM two long strikes down the field to Santana Moss. The secondary let the game slip out of their hands. Great Game!!
The cowboys DB's fell asleep in the fourth, but I promise you that the Parcells wil have words with them about that.

They slipped up in the last Q. it aint over till the Superbowl party. LOL
Too bad on the tribute to Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin, they couldn't have put the Triplets on the field for one more show. I would have loved to see that. Score would have been higher for the boys and skins would have lost. LOL.
I like the C.B. They are my home team. I just don't care for J.J. He is bad luck. LOL.
Cowboys is looking good and will come through again. :thumbsup:
how about those cowgirls I mean boys, they are just lucky that they play in the NFC and not the AFC where all the real teams play
Now that wasn't very nice :sad: You're team must be the Kansas City Chiefs? Am I right? It's too bad we don't play them this year. I've always liked watching the Colts whoop them. :D Oh well, maybe we'll play them in the playoffs, if they make it. :rolleyes:
the cowboys folded like a cheap suit :D
It seems to me that the Chiefs whipped the colts last year. The Colts will be coming to Kc in jan
All the Cowboys need is to get hooked back up on coke so they don't feel the pain! Ever since they went "sober" they suck!
now, quad, that just ain't right :D
If the Chiefs make it to the playoffs, I look forward to that game Hawkman! ;)
The colts are gunna win it all, but hey it doesn't hurt to have wishfull thinking guys... lol :D
Hey hey, lol, the Cowboys are going to be contenders.
I got faith in em if J.J. stays back.
I do miss the Aikman days.

Super bowl 40, Boy's vs Pats.
i think the Cowbays can do it if they would come together. The offense looks like it is clicking, say what you want about Bledsoe, but in the first two games he has played well. Good recieving core and running backs.

There defense has proven that they can be a solid unit they just need to play 4 quarters and quit slipping at the end of games with leads.

Dallas pulled out a close one this week. But their defense finally stepped up in the seocnd half, they looked good, hopefully they will do it again this week against the Raiders, they have a bad record, but I am still worried about Moss.

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