Dale Hollow Help?!?!?!

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    Hey neighbors! Kyle from Indiana here. new to the site.. Ive read alot of the posts on here and seems like people are very very helpful... thats where im hoping this goes.. every year for memorial weekend i pack up n head down to dale hollow. I camp at wolf river marina just outside of Albany... over the past few years ive been doing alot of small mouth fishin, but never any cat.. was wonderin if anyone was familiar with the area??? ANY tips will be appreciated!! like best times, bait, specific areas ( ones even a hoosier can find), float depth, or bottom, bud or budlight:wink:.. you know anything that will get me headin in the right direction.. thanks in advance!!!! PS please keep in mind im going to have to rent a pontoon boat, and with fuel prices i may be able to afford to idle about 100 yds every few hours.. :embarassed:. That or you could just lug your boat on down there to the marina, and ill gladly spare a cold one for ya!
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    I dont know anything about dale hollow, but i would look for cover for cats around flats and drop offs.Shad and bluegills are great bait for cats. Sorry i not more help i have never been to dale hollow.Maybe you can find something close so ypou dont burn much gas.