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Daiwa Millionaire S300??

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I just picked one up new for about 30 bucks, and was wondering if anyone has tried them, and if so, how do well do they work??
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Sounds good, I have 80 lb Power Pro on mine, and they seem nice....So FAR..LOL...I did notice that about the brake, but the spools are very easily replacable, and the super speed shaft is a great idea aswell, I just caught two cats this last week on Thursday, one 14 and one 16 Channels, and not one were tough....Pic in my gallery.....Thanx though
I found it at a Dorn True Value in Wisconsin, and the guy told me he would give it to me for 30, the sticker said 52, then he was kind enough to wrap it with 80# Power Pro for free....
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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