Daiwa Millionaire 300 Baitcasting Reels

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    I posted about this reel on another thread, and I said that I'd post some comments on it when they showed. Lo and behold, when I got back from the tire store today, there was a Priority Mail box with two reels in it waiting for me.

    I bought these reels on ebay, where I saw several sellers with listings for them. Doing a search on yahoo turned up a couple of tackle websites that also sold them, so I could get a good price comparison. On the retail sites, these reels were listed for $59-$69, depending on the model and website itself. I paid $42 each, and $13 for shipping, for a total of $95.

    These reels are a nice anodized red with a gold spool and silver accents. Very pretty IMO. The grips are rubber and very "grippy" and comfortable for a double paddle handle. It's very smooth reeling and feels solid, there seems to be no play in the reel, or handle backslap that can be found on some of the instant anti-reverses on less expensive reels. It has two ball bearins and one roller bearing.

    The drag seems to be smooth and it can really be cranked down, I have no doubt that this reel has more drag surface and pressure than the Abu 6000/6500 reels (carbon matrix drag reels excluded).

    I do have to wonder at the listed line capacity for reel, it just seems a bit small to hold 380yds of 12lb to 190yds of 20lb test. But that may just be my perception, since my other reels are Abu 7000's, both narrow and regular spool sizes.

    The spool release on this reel is exactly like the ones on the Abu 6000/6500 before they went to the thumb bars. The gears disengage and re-engage crisply with no hesitation or play.

    The reel features classic construction, by that, I mean that it uses posts (crossbars, pillars, or whatever you want to call them) and screws for the frame instead of a one piece machined or cast frame.

    The clicker switch is located on the FRONT of the left side plate, near the levelwind, instead of in the rear or on the sideplate itself. It's a black plastic button that slides up and down to engage/dis-engage. Like most reels today that aren't saltwater designs or made for heavier duty work, it's a bit weak, and probably wouldn't work very well in any kind of current. I think that it's a bit better than the Abu 6000/6500's, but I don't have any of the Abu's to compare it too, so don't take my word for it.

    I actually was playing with an Abu 6000 at Wal-Mart while I was waiting for the tires to be installed on my truck, so I can give a direct comparison reel to reel on how they felt.

    Basic construction on the two is very similar in all aspects. As both reels are made in China, it wouldn't come as a big surprise to me that they come from the same OEM. I think that the fit and finish on the Daiwa is better for the most part, and it definitely feels like the gearing/bearings are smoother in the Daiwa.

    If both reels were on the shelf side by side for the same $$$, I'm not sure which way I'd go. I think that I'd still get the Daiwa, as I have always been happy with their products. Not that I've really been dissatisfied with Abu, just that I like the Daiwa products better for the most part. There have been a couple of issues with Abu's in the past that left me wondering. I'll be upfront and say that the issues were never with any of the classic 5000/6000/7000 series reels though.

    For what I paid for the reels though, I'd take them any day over the Abu 6000 for $60 at Wal-Mart. I probably would still for $60 or so. They just feel better to me. I'd place them right in-between the Abu 6000 reels and the higher priced Abu 6500/6600 reels.

    They seem to be a quality alternative to the Abu's and the price is extremely right for the features they offer.
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    i have had 4 of the classics 250's. they lasted all of about 6mths. before the gears were stripped the level wind gear will most likely be the first to go, did on mine anyway. imo they are not anywhere close to comparable to the 6500 c3. which i have six of now and dont have any problems with so far. the classics are a pos imo. just my 2 on it.

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    they are supposed to be compared to the abu 6000's. i bought two off of ebay also; one for 38 and one for 39. im only going to use them for channel cats. i have used them once since i got them and i will say they are pretty nice. cast smooth and the drag is pretty smooth. the only thing that bothered me was the spool tension is not as easy to adjust as the abu's. we were fishing in the rain that night and didnt have a problem with the drag slippng like what happens on my 6000 and 6500s when they get wet.