D K Punch bait Original. Sonnys super sticky, Hog wild Premo,And Looper rigs review!

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by jdstraka, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Well I've heard so much about dip baits and the big Flatheads,Blues and channels have been far and fue between for me the last six weeks On fresh bait. So I thought I would give the dip baits a try. now this in no means is a scientific examination just my findings fishing desoto Bend Lake(An Oxbow Lake off the Missouri River) It is around 850 acres. started fishing 7:30 am Sat. Morning 8/5/06. The water temp. was 86 degrees surface Temp. the wind was out of the south east at 10/15 mile an hour so I set up on the north west bank faceing the wind. I recived my looper rigs Friday and was Anxious to give them a try also as I have never been impressed with the plastic worms.I also had recived my Danny kings Punch Bait earlyier in the week and was wanting to give it a fling to.Now I was useing two rods so I tied on my new looper rigs one treble and one kahlie I put dnnny kings on one and hog wild premo on the other and was useing a slip sinker setup on both. I Set down in my chair and it wasen't 10 minutes and the rod with D K punch bait loaded up set the hook had a #3 pound channel Great. Rebaited with D K and threw it back out. Checked the rig with Hog wild still looked good nothing had messed with I rebaited with Hog wild and put it back out and set back down Whapo The D k Gets smacked set the hook but missed it. I rebait with Sonnys super sticky and put it back out and set down and wait. now I have one set with Sonnys and one with Hog wild premo out Wait but nothing happening after 20 min. or so I check both sets both look good. So I have one more Dip I haddent tried Junnys Cat Tracker Dip. So I Take the hog wild off and put yhe Junnys on and put it back out and rebait the other with sonnys super sticky again ard put it back out. Set back down and wait nothing happening! So I Pull in the rod with sonnys clean the looper rig off and rebait with D K Punch bait and put it back out. set back Down 5 Minutes later the D K gets hit try and set the hook but I missed again.Nothing going on with the Junnys so I check it and it looks goog but I rebait it with Junnys again and put it back out, and rebait the other rod with D K Punch again and set back down and wait 10 minutes later the D K gets hit agaid So I pick the rod up and wait SMACK I set the hook another Channel #2 Pounds Alright now this is good! I Pull the rod in with Junnys cat Tracker clean it off and rebait with Danny Kings and put it back out. To make a long story shorter the Danny Kinge is what the Channel cat prefered sat. It was the only thing that was working and Man I just love those Looper rigs They work great I would Recomend them to the Brotherhood any day. So Thats My Review. Now like I said before this was just My findings on one given day as the other baits that i tried are also good as I have taken fish with all of them in the past. But at least for now Danny Kings and Looper rigs will be My go to bait when I'm useing Dips! Thanks and God Bless J.D.Straka
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    Congrats on dinner!!

    Your right on the money about no bait working all the time, with so many stinks baits available there is no reason to go armed with just one!! If ya have a chance try those Loopers and dip bait in a current, those 3 go together like beacon, egg's and toast..............good stuff.

    Thanks for the write up.

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    Thanks for the report Brother. I luv my Looper Rigs and Danny King. I bought 3 or 4 different different stink baits the other day but I hadn't got to try them out yet. It has to cool off sometime.

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    John thanks for the report on the different baits an the rigs.Glad they did the trick for you.
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    Thanks, John. That makes me feel better about the gallon of DK's I have, but have not opened as of yet. One of the days I am going to try it in running water, and still. Did you find the treble hook on the looper rigs worked better for you, or the khale, or about equal. Jack.