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CVA Optima

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I bought a CVA Optima (break away) last year and I am having trouble grouping my shots. I am using a Simmons 3x9 scope. I am currently using 209 primers, 100 grain triple 7 pellets and 245 grain powerbelts. I am going to use those new cleaner burning primers and give them a shot, because I think my gun was fowling up some towards the bottom of the barrel. I was also having trouble getting my pellets and bullet all the way down the bottom of the barrel after every shot. Can anyone give me give me some advice on my powder and bullets or anything else they can think of. I appreciate alot. Thanks

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O'Neill Williams put out a video a couple years ago called Successful Muzzleloading. You may still be able to find a copy somewhere on the net. Might find the answer your looking for there as it is very informative. It covers all methods of muzzleloading as well as powders,projectiles,loading,sighting,primers,and so on. I hope you can find it and it helps.
How often are you cleaning between shots?I found out the hard way that if you shoot more than three times,it is time to clean the barrel.Also,if you did alot of shooting last year,you may have some copper build-up from the power belts.Most black powder solvents won't clean it out.A few of the Gun magazines did a report on some of the different muzzleloaders out there,and they said that the Cva Optima tends to foul more than others,why?I have no idea,but for the money I'll take a CVA any day,for the $300 differance between other models,Ill just take the time to clean mine a little more.
What do you use for your CVA?
I have seen guys use a spit patch after a few shots. Take a clean patch and unscrew the bass on the end and put the patch on then put the brass back on then spit on the patch getting it wet then run it down the barrel a few times and you will see all that comes out. You might want to try this.
I have a cva optima and spent alot of time and money finding the magic load for my gun, the load I came up with is a winchester 209 primer, 120 grains of american pioneer powder and a 245 grain hollow point power belt. The key to this load is fowling, if you shoot the american pioneer powder do not clean the gun untill your done. My first 2-3 shots are just paper and powder to fowl the barrel after it has been cleaned, after that don't clean it.This will not work with tripple 7 or pyrodex, they don't burn clean, tripple 7 burns too hot and fast and melts the cup on the bullet. I hope this load works for you the key is the powder, shoot the loose powder, good luck.
I was reading a article in outdoor life will look and see if I still have it laying around but they were saying that if you use the triple 7 powder that you should try and use remington 209-4 primers these are the ones for the 410 shotgun. Because the normal primers were pushing the pellets up the barrell before ignition. With the lighter primers they were getting a clean burn with no fouling ring. Might try that.
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