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    Hello all. I'm sorry I havnt updated everyone sooner. I've been just a wee bit busy...... The Club, The Classic, The Petition, The Boat Show, Articles Of Incorporation, Bylaws, Bank Accounts, PM's, flying, yada yada yada. Oh yeah, I have a wife and children, too. :smile2::smile2:

    Okay, the State Of The Gateway Address :smile2:


    A resounding success if you ask me. An absolute pleasure to meet everyone in attendance, and our First Meeting.

    1. We made 450 pounds in sinkers
    2. We enjoyed Good Food and great companionshiop
    3. We voted in our New Officers and general discussion on the path Gateway Cats will take.
    4. We (the members present at leadstock) voted in the Club's Annual Dues

    New Officers

    President/Founder - John Allen
    Vice President - Michael Jake
    Secretary - Mike Malichii
    Treasurer - Gary Vinyard
    Membership Chairman - Tom Feldman

    Board Of Directors
    Bob Simmons
    Tom Pelikan
    Harold Hicks
    Darryl Vaughan

    All office terms are for one year until January 2009. At the January 2009 Meeting those voted in from that point forth shall be for 2 year terms.

    Club Dues

    The members present voted in 40 dollars annual dues. Club dues are for the basic operating cost associated with the running of the club such as insurance (550.00) Per year, and the possibility of saving some club funds for special trips for the membership, for example trips to places like the James River, and up to the Dakotas for some Red River Channel Cat Fishing. Details remain to be worked out on this type of activity.

    Goals for the 2008 Year

    The Gateway Classic
    A Childrens Fund Raiser Tourney
    A Childrens Tournament
    Stream Team
    Join the Missouri Conservation Federation and work closely with the Missouri Dept Of Conservation to enact protective legislation for our catishes.

    Meeting Locations will be held between Cabelas and the Missouri Department Of Conservation.

    Club Funds - Many members paid up at the Leadstock meeting. This came as a surprise to me as I wasnt expecting anything at this point. Alas, Gary (Club Treasurer) documented exactly what each member paid, and has shown me exactly what he has on hand.
    I was humbled when I called several banks to open our account and at the information I needed to provide. It would be easier to Redraft the United States Constitution :eek:oooh: So, I've been working diligently on getting what it is we need to get this account opened. I should have the Articles Of Incorporation in my mailbox when I get home, and I've been tinkering with some bylaws that Jerry Casey gave me as a format. Club Officers and board Members can expect to get a copy of these Articles Of Incorporation, and Bylaws as soon as I have the rough draft complete. It will be their duty to tweak these bylaws and mold them into the clubs operating structure.

    I'm also in the process of building the membership list in Outlook so as I can email everyone with the touch of a button. This will make communication much much easier on my part. It will be at this point that the officers and board members will begin there duties in earnest to prepare for the next meeting which is March 29th, at 5PM at the Cabelas store in Hazelwood.

    So, as it stands, Gary is in possession of the funds that were paid. As soon as the last of the paperwork is completed we shall get the account open and everyone's funds deposted. The Bylaws will stipulate that 2 signatures will be required to write a check, or withdraw club funds. Gary will be responsible for the Treasurers report to the membership at each Gateway Meeting. For those wanting to pay your dues now, please hold off until this account is open, or until the 2nd meeting. We will more than likely open up a P.O. Box for the dues to be forwarded to.

    The basic structure for the meetings will be similiar to the following.
    Secretary's Report - Reading of the past meetings minutes
    Presidents Report
    Vice-Presidents Report
    Treasurers Report
    New Business
    Old Business
    Committee Reports ie, stream team, childrens tourney, etc etc

    Its at this point that the membership will begin to take control of the projects and the club's agendas, and you all can feel like you are doing your part and having something fulfilling to contribute. I felt it was my job to give you some structure and basic tools to run with without overburdering anyone with a huge pile of aggravation. Believe me, it will be my absolute pleasure to share the workload with you all :smile2::roll_eyes:

    I hope this helps explain where we are as a group. As the next couple of meetings go by, you'll begin to see the club take on its operating structure and we can begin to enjoy the benefits of being a club.

    Many thanks to all of your well wishes, and offers for help. There will be plenty of opportunities soon to help out and I'll be posting them here on the board.

    Thank you for being a part of Gateway Cats LLC. I look forward to making 200one we will all remember.

    Please, in the future if anyone has questions could you please direct them to This gives me the advantage of not having to wait 3 minutes between pm's, as well as the advantage of being able to answer you immediately via my phone. I have my phone set up so as all email goes straight threw to my phone as well.

    Lets not forget about good ol Missouri. All fishing reports and that type of thing needs to be in the Missouri Threads. The Gateway section is for Club business and our normal cuttin up. Thx Guys.

    Now, when is the first Dollar Tourney :smile2: