Cutting the back seat

Discussion in 'Boating' started by clintonhawg1, Feb 22, 2007.

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    I need too know if any one has cut the middle out of the back seat . I have a tunnel hull and i think i would like to make the seat into a 2 pod setup. If any one has any ideas please let me know.
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    Your talking about guys who have degrees in engineering boat hulls. I don't know that most of us layman have the knowledge to answer the question properly. It is hard to improve upon what those engineers have designed. If it is just you in the boat, have at it... but I don't think you need to take other people out with you for several months or the first year.

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    personally i wouldnt cut the bench out for fear of collapse its there to help hold the boat together without it its more likely to spread the sides apart and put alot of undo stress on the transom i would think , maybe some other will know more as they are more experienced with boats like for instance markj or bobpaul you might pm them and ask .
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    Sean, first I'd like ta welcome ya to the BOC....A wealth of knowledge ta be found here.... About your boat I reckon it's a go fast boat (tunnel hull) If it's got a bench seat all the way across you might be able ta cut it but you would have ta stitch the material back together somehow...might take away some bet would be some new seats, just can the bench and pick up some wraparound buckets that match the paint then grab a piece of wood and make a step for the gap between the seats, teak although expensive is really good on the eyes when stained also very seaworthy lookin',.... just a thought.....Once again welcome aboard....
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    Outboard engines not only propel a boat but they also exert enormous forces from front to back and side to side.
    Bench seats provide more then seating, they are also structural particularly at the rear of the boat. You may can take a forward seat out and replace the integrity with other options but altering the stern is highly not recomended. You get a twisting action that you may cant see that is causing stress cracks.

    To give you an example I have a pontoon boat whose 3/16ths thick aluminum motor well is cracked in several places.
    The cracks occurred when the 3/4" steel square tubing used to mount the well and provide stiffness rotted from the inside out. From all appearances on the ouside the steel tubing looked fine except for some rust spots. I pulled them to clean them up and repaint them. Hitting them with a grinder found the problem. They crumbled in my hands. This failing support caused the cracking in the aluminum structure that holds the transom.