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    st.louis mo.
    Does anyone know if there's regulations on throwing body parts back in the water?I live in Missouri,I don't see anything in the regulations about it.I remember hearing something about it causing something that takes oxygen out of the water and kills fish:confused:

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Ron. If ya are gonna throw body parts in the water make sure they sink and stay there. LOL! Ya don't wanna get caught!

    Good question. No regs here that say ya can't.

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    rotting fish parts take oxygen out of the water case it takes oxygen to make stuff go bad so i guess it would deplete the oxygen but not enup to kill a fish
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    Minnesota has regulations against just about everything involving bait. Here are a few from the General Regulations:
    • "Using whole or parts of game fish, goldfish, or carp for bait is unlawful." If you are a flathead fisherman this seriously limits your choice of good bait fish. This means no sunfish, etc. etc.
    • "All fish must be killed before transportation. This does not apply to minnows." So if you caught some rough fish that you wanted to use for bait you cannot transport them live - you have to kill them before you transport them.
    • "Depositing fish entrails or fish parts into public waters or onto lake or stream shore is prohibited".
    • "Any fish that is caught and will not be utilized must be immediately returned alive back into the water. A person cannot wantonly waste a fish that is caught by leaving it or any usable portion on the ice, thrown up on the bank, or intentionally killing it and returning it back into the water unless authorized."
    They have a host of other regulations and requirements that severely restrict your harvesting baitfish; for instance:
    • It is unlawful to use a cast net in Minnesota.
    • Harvest minnows, frogs, or any other wild animals from infested water for bait, except for personal use from waters that are designated as infested waters solely because they contain Eurasian watermilfoil, and for commercial use by permit." Minnesota has an extensive list of "Infested Waters" and you have to be real careful if you are gathering bait that the waters you take bait from are not on that list.
    • If the waters are "Infested" for Zebra Mussel and a few other invasive species you cannot harvest bait at all - period. This specifically makes the St Croix River, and the Mississippi River (downstream of St Anthony Falls in Minneapolis) as off limits for harvesting bait.
    This is probably more than you wanted to know but I thought you might find this interesting. Us Minnesota catfisherman envy a lot of you guys and your ability to gather bait.
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    HOCO, Maryland

    Now see thats why when you dismember the body you chop up the arms and legs so they aren't just a big meal for the catfish... remember you want to attract them in but not feed them... thats what the eyes, toungue and fingers are for, attached to a hook of course...

    ohk so maybe im kidding... i guess it depends on what the conservation/DNR officer thinks your doing with them... i mean there may not be a law against chumming but im sure there is one against littering... it all depends on what your intent is... or what the officer thinks your intent is...
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    Steve, no wonder there is so many catfish in Minnesota, you guys can get any bait;) Man some of them laws are crazy