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  1. Bigbluefisherman

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    I just wanted to see how you people are cuttin you asian carp?? Do you just fillet them right after you catch em? How big of chunks do you use?? Skin or no Skin? Any help would be great! Thanks to all!
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    I filet the carp and cut in to about 3 x 8 strips and take the skin on of half of the strip and hook through the half with the skin on.

  3. GrandpaGoneFishing

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    Linn Valley, Ks
    I cut them to die every time. But as bait 2-3" X 6-8". Never caught here in Kansas yet, But have killed a few and fished with them. Good luck
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  4. Mr.T

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    Here's what I learned from the guide I fished with a few weeks ago:

    Right after you catch them, get them in a bucket to catch the blood. Go to shore or a sandbar somewhere and fillet them like any other fish - if you're not going to use some of the meat right away, leave the skin on until you're ready to use it. Otherwise, get as close to the skin as possible and leave as much red meat on the fillet as possible.

    Cut into chunks about 3x4x2 or so, maybe a bit smaller and put them in a bag and pour in all the blood you caught in the bucket. Get them on ice and away you go. When you go to put a chunk on your hook, you only need to put the hook in one corner - leave lots of hook exposed, especially the gap. The meat is plenty tough that it won't come off the hook until you take it off, even if you just hook a little bit of it.

    Be careful when filleting them as they have the "Y" bones all through the meat and you'll end up getting one jammed into your hand if you're not careful.

    Also do everything you can to stay out of the gut cavity - it's a nasty green mess in there and you don't want to see it or smell it.

    You don't want to clean them in your boat -- get out and keep the mess away as much as possible.
  5. primitive

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    Dav. Ia.
    Caught a small carp month ago, put the guts on and caught a nice chanel cat. My Dad always said carp guts are the best cat bait there is. Don't ever remember him ever using cut carp for bait though.