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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by FlatGetter, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. FlatGetter

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    I know that channels like cut sucker, but will they like cut carp as well.
  2. Bigun

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    Burnet, TX
    It works good for Channels and Blues on trot lines and jugs. They don't seem to find it as fast as Punch bait when fishing with RR. I will drop my hook with carp in Bills cheese dip bait. Channels love that stuff and if it washes off the carp is still there. Punch bait is the easiest and best way to go for eatin size channels here. We are fishing low to no current situations. The advantage to carp is that it don't come off until something eats it off. It's also fun to collect. We fish for them in the river below the dam when it is too windy to enjoy being on the lake. Here the Carp are like the Rattle snakes It seems like they weigh 5 lbs when they are born. Seldom catch or see little ones.

  3. etipriga

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    I put a cut buffalo on my trotline once and the next day i had about a 6 lb flathead and some channels and blues as well. Ive never heard of catching flatties on a carp or buffalo but it worked. AS far as for the channels i should work just as good as ne thing else.
  4. dinkbuster1

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    very good cutbait! i usually cut the filets into quarter-sized chunks and let them sour in a baggie for a day. the skin is very tuff and you darn near half to cut it off! i have let carp chunks sour for as long as 5 days and its still tuff as nails. however i have noticed that souring for a day or so is best. ill add the blood and guts in the baggie as well.