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    Original post made by Chris Harris(Gottheblues) on January 7, 2003

    I am also a believer of fresh cut bait. In fact, about every 30 minutes or so I will change the bait on all my rods. One thing that I do a little different is that I do not lay my bait directly on the ice. Instead I will either put them in plastic bags first or I have designed a metal tray with small holes in the bottom that I place the baitfish on. Then I lay this on top of the ice. Any water or such will drain out the bottom. I do this b/c I feel that water/ice will sometimes cause the baitfish to loose some of its freshness. The ideal thing to do is to try to keep your bait alive before you cut in to them. A fresh live bait will bleed a whole lot more than a piece of bait that has been sitting on ice.

    The other thing that I do is to scale my bait before I cut them. I do this for two reasons. First- I feel that the scales will hold some of the scent from getting out. I don't really know if this is true or not but it is just something that I like to do. Second- I don't want to chance any of those scales getting on the tip of my hook, thus preventing a good hookset.

    For me in the winter it is cutbait only. But during the hotter months I will use both cut and live on different rods during every setup. Since I am able to fish up to 12 rods at once on my boat it only makes sense to give the fish different things to look at.

    Having said all this about fresh cutbait I have found that a lot of people across the country do not have the luxury of constantly having fresh bait. For them the baitfish are scarce or non existent. Many anglers have to drive great distances or they are only able to net/catch their bait at certain times of the year. B/C of this their only option a lot of the times is to freeze their baits. For those people I would recommend vacuum sealing.(which has been discussed on this board a few times)