Customizing A Pontoon Boat for Catfishing

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    Original posts made by a member no longer with us on July 12, 2004
    Multiple posts were combined to make this one.

    Made some holders for the toon. Not really for holding rods while fishing, but more for keeping the net and rods that are not being used at the time up off the floor and out of the way. I wanted something that would not involve drilling holes in my rails anywhere and heres what I came up with.
    Took 2 pieces of 1.5 in pvc about a foot long and drilled the usual holes in em. Then I split one down the middle and held it up to the side rails on my toon to mark the spots to notch it out. The notches in the split half prevent up/down/side movement once the wingnuts get tightened down. The holders clamp onto the side rails with the split half to the outside. All I have to do to move one is losen the wingnuts a bit and slide it to where I want it. I've made three so far and have enough materials for 3 or 4 more if I need em. Next I'm gonna redo the lights in the post above into gooseneck jobbies that have more of a finished look to em.

    Finally have a couple of rain-free days here so I got to put the holders on and work on my lighting some. Heres how they look attached to the boat.


    And heres the new Rear lighting. There are 2 of these 100w Spotlights mounted to a gooseneck attached to a clamp on either side of the rear of the boat.
    I can point the lights behind, beside or into the boat mounted like this. Kind of a weird angle on the pic. I took it standing beside the boat looking up at it.

    I just got some cargo liners that are supposed to go in the back of an suv to use around the boat. Got 2 big ones and 2 small ones. They work great for laying fish on to keep slime in the carpet to a minimum and for laying the anchor on.

    My '98 Suntracker Fishing Barge

    A shot of the rod holder across the back. The guy in the pic is a buddy of mine Ed.