Customized Ruger .22 lr pistols.

Discussion in 'Handgun Talk' started by derbycitycatman, Jun 17, 2008.

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    I went to the gun show last weekend and seen a sweet looking customized Ruger .22lr's. They had aluminum barrels, cant remember the names, some up to 10". They retailer is J@S guns in evensville, IN. anyone have one of these or know anything about them. The price didnt scare me for a customized pistol, but not knowing anything about them or aluminum barrels is worrying me.
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    Bro you can order the tricked out fluted barrels aftermarket...I'd pick a model Ruger you like, and see if it isn't enough fun the way the factory made it.
    The new Mk3's are evidently as good as their earlier models. I'm a stainless fan myself, and the aluminum barrels have a steel liner for the aftermarket units. John Taffin tested em for Guns magazines and they are can even get one in pink I think, LOL. Any increase in accuracy comes from the longer sight radius I'm betting. And you strike me as a fella that takes care of his guns.....
    Why fix it if it isn't broken?
    You will have to get a dealer to order in the barrel, and do a transfer if you order it aftermarket (?) I don't understand that as you can trick out a 10/22 without any paperwork.....but I'm not with the ATF on a lot of things.

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    You can order barrels from places like Midway,topglock and other places online.I've never heard of doing a transfer for an after market barrel.I'm not saying you are wrong bootshawl,thats just a first for me.
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    The reason the FFL transfer is required for these barrels is that the barrel is mounted to the receiver, which is the serialized part.

    On something like the 10/22, the barrel is separate from the (serialized) receiver.