Curtis Lake

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    Went out to Curtis lake last night and forgot my chicken livers and stink bait... but I did have night crawlers... Caught a few VERY NICE Red Ear Bream off the bottom (~6-7 inches) and a couple small what looked like bullheads... Starting using cut bait and had a couple hits but nothing to speak of... I found that the bottom was covered in a thick matt of grass/weeds... Anyone know of the best area to bank fish for catfish at Lake Curis... I was on the non-park side by the first handicap pier. Thanks!!!

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    How in the world did I miss this post! Sorry 'bout that, Scott!

    I hit some great action a couple weeks ago right near the dam. Walk the access path from parking lot near the boat ramp around to the dam. Right before the dam, drop down to the well-worn bank area. This area is fairly shallow, so I worked my way along the rocks to near where the drop off was, and fished close to the rocks. The bass were biting like crazy right in that spot.

    When I go back, I plan to wade out there and fly fish out toward the bank; this is a great spot to practice long casts.

    Welcome to the BOC, Scott! :0a25: