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    Ok, I know because of Bye-weeks some of this will be skewed..but...

    Tatum Bell, with a bye week, is just 1 yard shy of tying for fifth in rushing.

    Mike Vick is now 16th in rushing, with the highest avg YPR for anyone in the top 33 by leaps and bounds. I would say he has the highest, but there may be someone who has only rushed 5-10 times that has broken off a couple long ones.

    Mcnabb and Charlie Frye have 3 rushing TDs. The most any player has in the NFL is 4.

    Mcnabb is number one in passing yards with 1602.
    Kitna has 1306
    P Manning has 1278

    Charlie Batch has the highest passer rating, followed by David Carr

    Reggie Bush leads the league in receptions, but has one of the lowest YPC.

    Westbrook leads the league in touchdowns, with 4 rushing and 2 receiving.

    Robbie Gould of the Bears leads the league with 66 points. 17 FGs and 15 XPs

    Westbrook, at number 9, is the only scorer in the top 24 that is not a kicker. I don't believe they count TD passes in these last two categories.

    Kurt Warner and David Carr lead the league with fumble recoveries.