Curing-drying liver?

Discussion in 'Fishing Bait Review' started by kyjake, Aug 2, 2007.

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    I am using the sun to cure liver with garlic and salt.First I drained the liver by putting it on a tilted table in the sun for an hour or so then put in canister with salt and garlic and shook up until it was well coated then laid it on table in sun to dry.It obviously wasn't dry dry enough so put it back with the salt and garlic and it has been drying in the sun all day.How do I tell when it has cured-dried enough?Does this need to be kept in the refrigerator?
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    i once tried curing livers for a whole day but didnt even last 12 hours,i put the livers up at 8 am and took them off like at 5pm,im warning u its stinks pretty bad,but if its good for fishing ill do anything,im going to cure livers tommrrow cause im fishing on saturday and going to cure some for 5 hours,some for 10 hours and some for 15 hours and will tell u which 1 works best,o and hope u have some nice neighboors which will put up with the smelly stuff,good luck and i hope i learn something froom some of the guys that will help u also