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Cumberland steam plant to Bumpus Mills Marina

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Is anyone catching in this area. I haven't been out for a couple weeks but before that was having no luck.
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danny i went fishing today at bumpus mills and caught about 12 catfish on shrimp in 4 and 5 foot of water. used a split shot and hook and just drifted. when i left the boat ramp i went south toward the power lines and went in to saline creek i think . john
thanks john, I just picked up some shrimp at wall mart so I'll have to get out there and give it a try.
Hey all, I'm finally gettin back on the water. My fishin buddy has taken off for a bit, so I decided to bring my dad from Wyoming to try some catfishing. Are there any hotspots where i can get some skipjack in the next few days? I thought about trying near Chetham Dam, but I have not fished the dam yet. Is there anywhere else i can try?
I always go there to catch skipjack. Before you go, check this URL

you will find the times they release water for the turbines. It is a bit slow when only one turbine is running, two or more is great. Just be careful, a man and his son drowned there about two weeks ago, that water is no joke, don't forget about the life jacket law either, it is only smart. Good Luck,
Big Al
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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