Cumberland River Trip

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    I've been playing with the idea of a Cumberland river trip. I was up there several years back and had a good time , but only got to stay one day. We stayed in Dover. I wanted to come back up from S.C. to fish 3-5 days on the river. I can remember going behind a dam and catching skipjack from the bank, it was a hot water discharge. We were up there in Feb, so I know it was hot water, but just can't remeber where it was. In your local opinion, where would be the best place to stay( town wise), best part of the river, best ramp, and best bait source. We've been going to Wilson and Wheeler in Ala, for the past couple years and we're thinking about a Cumberland trip. Where would be the closest section of the river from S.C. with good fishing and bait source? I know people are reluctant to share good fishing info, but it's for a trip, no other reasons. I know there's big fish there, just want a shot at one. Any help would be nice, a post or pm would be great,Thanks
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    anywhere with tons of big skips! and then send me some!!!!

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    i fish the cumberland river at smithland. go too barkly dam too get skippys. had good luck there every year. kind of a hit and miss going on the weekends cuz there might not be any current. on the weekdays there normally is. if there ain,t u can allways go too the smithland dam, or down the ohio. one of these spots allways works for me. boat ramp is were the cumberland meets the ohio. i,ll be down ther on the 16th for the weekend and back down the following weekend hopein too get me onther big blue. got a 65lb in april now its time to upgrade to a 70lber:big_smile:. good luck on your trip were ever u go.