Cumberland River - Exciting moments while fishing

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    I had some personal junk happen that resulted in me takin a day off work and goin fishin. I headed over to the steam plant at C. City and caught some skips for the freezer and threw a gut pack on a second pole while i continued to work my dual jigs. Got a couple pecks on the gut pack but no real action.

    By the way, there were a couple folks there (this past tuesday) that were really tearing the skippies up.. off and on using sabaki's. One dude caught like 10 in a short time then left. Another guy showed up later, had less success but was doin better than i was with the crappie style duel jigs. I ended up with about 10, which were pretty good sized.

    Anyways...i decide to leave and just grab a spot on the cumberland on the bank somewhere and let my dog run around. I took one of the biggest skips and cut it's head and gill plate off and put it on a 6/0 octopus hook and laid it down. Put some cut bait on my other pole and sat back and relaxed while the dog ran all over the place.. chasing a stick i kept throwing.

    Had some action on the cut pieces on the smaller pole but no hookups...enough to keep me happy though. I put another small junk on my smaller rig and chucked it back out. The sun was setting and i just admired the beautiful sunset in the cold crisp air.

    I had learned about using whole heads from this website. Never tried them before a year or so ago. I have used them a bunch the last year or so with nothing more then occasional pecks/bumps. I was sitting watching the brilliant colors in the sky while the sun slowly disappeared, thinkin to myself.."self, you've read so many posts about people catchin nice fish on whole heads..but you've NEVER really gotten any serious inquiries".

    As I continued this larger pole with the big head on it (it came from a skip that was close to 3 lbs) move a little bit. I could see the line and the line twitched a little...nothin new...i had seen this before, but my pulse did quicken a bit.

    Suddenly the line started moving against the gentle current...something had picked up the big skipjack head! I watched for a moment in a sort of disbelief, yet my line kept moving upstream. After about 10 seconds or so and the run continuing i picked up my rig, let the line tighten...i had a lot of slack out....and tried to 'load the rod'...

    ....well, i missed the fish, i figured it had the head in it's mouth on the opposite side of the hook. MAN, i wished i had used a stinger hook!! It was quite a rush though!

    I certainly will continue to use those big fresh skipjack heads on occasion....thanks for all the GREAT info BOC!

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    thanks for sharing that great story..
    keep trying those skipjack heads youll get hooked up on one of those hogs sooner or latter

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    Thanks for the fishin story.....for just a little while I was right there with you.:smile2:

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Good story. Thanx for sharein.
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    Walter Flack
    Thanks for sharing brother, sorry for your short coming but was exciting to read.
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    I had never used heads till last summer, the first one I used I caught my pb in about an half an hour
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    Eric Maurer
    I've caught a lot of big (20-75 lb) blues using not just heads, but BIG baits here in S.E. Tennessee. One thing I've found is that the big cats love them, but I think that because of the size of the bait that they crush the bait with their jaws a couple of times and don't fully take it deep in their mouth at first. I have lost a huge number of baits on heavy pick-ups that never hooked up and have lip hooked a suprising number of those big blues using a variety of hook styles. I assume you were using a circle hook from your story and it sounds like you did everything right, just remember that you need very big circle hooks so that the point and gap can catch the corner of the mouth! Keep at it and you're in for a great fight one of these days soon. Good luck and big fish!