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  1. Fred Rankin

    Fred Rankin New Member

    Benton, Louisiana
    Is anyone catfishing Cross Lake in Shreveport. With the temperature above 100 I am thinking about fishing under the I220 bridge. Does Cross Lake require a special permit? Do they allow Jug or noddle fishing? Where are the best catfishing spots on this lake?
  2. ersel

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    Haughton Louisiana
    You have to buy a Cross lake permit and as far as I know no jugs, trotlines, or yo-yo's. The way we used to fish was drift fishing with nightcrawlers or bloodbait.

  3. David Knotts

    David Knotts New Member

    Bossier City, La
    Fred if you go to Cross lake, don't have any jugs or trot lines in your boat, they will bust you big time for that. I have always done better driftin out there.
  4. catgetter1

    catgetter1 New Member

    Fred, ya got's ta have a sticker, good for one year. you can get it at the Cross Lake Patrol Bldg. Turn at the hatchery off of Cross Lake Blvd. When the wind is out of the North, try fishing just off of Bird Isl. Where the wind blows up white caps, but position your boat next to the island out of the wind and cast to the transition, white caps and clean water intersection. there is a small ridge there and the channels stack up there when there is a strong North wind. This isn't far from the boat ramp, but..... it's not easy to launch with a strong north wind.... Another spot is out on the west end when the wind is out of the South, There is a series of Islands, small ones, that the wind will kick white caps up between I usually try to position my boat out of the wind, and cast to the stirred up water between the islands. As I said these spots usually are good when it's windy. I usually do best with cut shad for bait. Another try for the fall season is to fish the west end where the water turkeys roost use a shallow bobber under the birds. The channels gather to feed on uh, well we won't go into details, but the cats will be there. The good old standby is drifting, with shad, or catabla worms and one spot is as good as the next when your drifting. Bonus is you'll find the sunken christmas trees the crappie fisherman put out. I use ta fish Cross all the time, in the afternoons after work, but I quit when they raised the rate to 20.00$$$$ Good Luck Them are some fine eatin kitties...........Oh yea no jugs, no lines... rod-reel....
  5. CrawDaddy

    CrawDaddy New Member

    When I lived in Bossier, I hooked up with a guy at work. when we went to Cross we drift fished, if we wanted to do anything else we went somewhere else :)