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    My wife and I just got back from fishing on the James river and I must say we had an interesting time of it. The afternoon started off well enough catching quite a few small to eating size blues we were using a variety of baits everything from dip bait to dough bait and shrimp, we had 3 poles in the water with something different on each pole. While my wife was reeling one after another of the minime size blues I decided to break out the cast net and get us some live bait so we could catch something larger. After several awkward cast of the net I had enough bait fish to make a go of a larger cat.
    I baited up the center pole with a lively shiner and gave it a toss, after a few minutes the bait clicker on my reel sounded the alarm,,,, a good sized fish had it and was running with it, the only problem was that we were both fighting fish on the other two poles, being the multi-tasker that I am I reached down and engaged the primary drag on the reel but it stopped moving so I ASSUMED the fish had spit the hook out. so I went back to the fish I already had on the line,
    The next thing I know my wife is screaming" HONEY HONEY THE POLE" I looked down to see the center pole taking off into the water so I dropped the pole I had in my hands and went chasing after my $ 100.00 dollar fathers day present up to my waist in the river. I was able to get ahold of it before it became a resident of the James River after a good 5 minute fight I landed a 5 to 8 pound croaker (whoops forgot my scale) There I was soaked to the bone and holding my pole in one hand and this very large croaker in the other looking like I had just won heavy weight boxing title and my wife was laughin so hard I thought she was going to pee herself I very innocently asked her " wheres the camera?" Something else we forgot well we both saw the humor in that. All in alll we had a great time.
    Just thought you all might like a laugh.

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    Great story. Always happens when ya are doin somethin else. LOL!

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    Thanks for the great fishing report. It's a hoot! :smile2:
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    Thanks for the great story. Put a smile on my face.