Creek Fishing???

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  1. preshrd3cpy

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    Any guy//gals fishing any creeks and doing any good if your around Bradley Polk Mcinn counties. Let me in on some good places.
  2. ibmeubu

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    Creek fishing ,man I haven't done that since I was 10 to 15 years old (62) now. I live over on the other side from you ,around Waverly. . I used a Johnson Century with 6 pound test line. Man you sneak up on the holes where the drifts where ,I used creek minnows or steel backs as we called them. 7ft rod ,no sinker just hook up the minnow alive and throw about half way up the whole he does his thing for about 5 sec and then the exploision in the water and fight was on, 3 lb small mouth he'd come out of the water raising hell ,if you didn't stay on him hard he'd throw that hook right out. Man what feeling.

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    Pegram, TN
    That is the best feeling. And your method still works just fine. This year we been slaying the smallmouth. The one i have in my avatar goes 4.75lbs and caught out of a canoe on a creek. Red hooks seem to put that "little" extra that they cant stand.