Credit repair insurance?

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by Cattracker16, Jan 26, 2006.

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    OK here's a question for you guys/ girls have you ever had your credit card stole? maybe even worse your social #? well i had a small identity theft happen to me a few months back.. wasn't anything too large but it was an big inconvenience for the wife and I, not only that but the daughter thought we were going to jail. so anyhow we got things changed over.. so now we have a person coming over to the house trying to sell some identity theft sheild.. It sounds a little too good to be true.. Anyone ever heard of it? thanks in advance.. kenny
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    True Identity shield can only come from you. All transaction spreed sheet you receive from ant thin with your info on it and you don't need shrewd it.
    On the back of your credit cards where it has the signature place put on it ask for photo id.
    Do not put your social number of driver licenses number on and have printed Right below the Addy header
    Ask for photo ID.
    Never throw any thing for you in the mail with any info on out in the trash.
    Always take those credit card offers and shred them. Any one can fill them out and get a card on you.
    My credit card company on any thing over 200.00 will get conformation from me before allowing.
    This is a little bit of a bother but it is worth it.
    As for buying credit theft shield I wouldn't .

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    Once again, that's good advice, Willard.
    I wouldn't buy it either.
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    I get an offer at least once a week from my credit card company offering me some kind of theft protection. They usually send a check for $15-$20, and if I was to cash it, I would be automatically enrolled in their protection plan. Guess what? If you have a credit card, you already have protection against theft. If someone steals your credit card and uses it, the merchant who sold them the stuff is the only one that gets stuck. The card company can charge you a maximum of $50.00, but that's not likely to happen. They just do a chargeback against the merchant and they are not out any money and neither are you.
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    Used credit cards since 82, we never use any outside protection other than our own, as mention by Willard.

    Here is a SITE with more info on how to protect yourself.