Creating Fishing Structure

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    I fish a small river here in louisiana. However, I found that there wasn't much structure in the deeper areas of the river. I wanted to place trees along the bottom, but came up with two other options. I first tried sinking fresh bamboo (12-15' tall with leaves left on) in five gallon buckets filled with cement. I placed four in a diamond pattern 20' apart in 30- 35' of water. I have found that crappie will work the inside area in a circle. This has been an excellent spot to fish year round. I tried the spot only 2 days after sinking them and caught fish (catfish, crappie, and bass). I found only one problem with this method, I was still getting snagged.
    So I sat around and came up wiht something better. I used the same structure, but with different material. I now use 1/2" to 2" pvc. Unlike trees, I sink these 20-35' during spring. I also place a mesh bag in the top of the cement as it dries and before sinking add dry dog food to the bag.
    The dog food creates an alge boom when placed in warm water which attracts baitfish.

    Staff Note: Be sure to check your local laws before placing anything in public waters.