Crazy things that have happened to you?

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    I believe I am jinxed. I really do. I have been pull over by police 3 times for Grand Theft Auto or any way pulled over twice and accused of it once.

    The first incident was right after high school, I had just bought the car from a co-worker, and that very day got pulled over. Got that worked out after the police called her to confirm it.

    But the last 2 times were interesting to say the least. Dont laught this in not funny nor is it a joke. I was accused of stealing a 27 or 28 foot U-haul truck, cant remember which. I was moving up to Kansas, and had went up and bought a house up there, and was going to move my belongings up. We ordered a U-haul from city x (to protect the innocent). When I got there our Truck wasnt there, and had to make a 30 minute trip to City Z. Well that cost me about 1 hour and 20 minutes of time, I am a little ticked off no big deal. Story gets better, get there and pull in to the storage rental place, get the truck 3/4's loaded on a Sunday, and find a 3 inch gash in a back tire. Call the repair number and they send out a guy 1 1/2 hours later, so now I am down about 3 hours, still havent got the truck loaded.

    The repair guy whom I nick named "FLASH" fixed the tire, checked the VIN number, lights wiper fluid, ect and went about his merry way. I finish loading up the truck, by this time it is dinner time. My wife and 4 year old daughter and mother in law was with me, and we were hungry and tired. I told my wife, I was going to park the truck at Wally World, and we would go and eat some BBQ (not enough room to park the truck there). So we go and have a nice meal, and we return to get the truck.

    That is where it all started. I was headed out of town, going toward the interstate on a 4 lane road, another 4 lane merged with this one. I see 2 police in crusiers in the Median, I didnt think anything about it until, they pulled in behind me and hit me with their lights. I pull over in the far right lane, with no where else to park. I am thinking FLASH must have missed a tail light or something, because the speed limit was 65, and I was lucky to be doing 55. As I reach over to get my wallet out of my coat in the seat next to me I see 2 police in the right hand side mirror, both had shotguns.
    This clued me in that I was in trouble, so I glanced in the right hand mirror, and see about 10 police cars back there, 20 something police with guns drawn. I keep thinking not good.

    They tell me to get out of the truck, which I did rather quickly to face forward and start walking backwards. Well let me tell you that isnt easy to do, especially at the pace they wanted me to go. I keep hearing this loud speaker telling me to hurry up. I got back there and I am grabbed by 3 police and handcuffs were put on really tight. Then put me in the front seat with "Boss Hog" and I ask him what is going on, he told me to basically shut up, I would find out soon enough. Well after 15 minutes, I had had enough, so I told him he had 2 choices either a. Take me to the station and book me or b. get those cuffs off so I could go about my merry way. At this point he told me that U-Haul truck is stolen. I said, No #&%* who stole it? He told me something about being a smart A**, I told him yeah but I am, and if I were in his shoes, he would ask me about a contract. You should have seen his face, he asked me if I had one and I told him we did. Well we got it all work out, they released me. Then Boss Hog, tells me this, "If I were you, I would get a room for the night, until this is straightened up." I told Boss Hog he had better get it straightened up right then, because I was heading to Kansas, and I doubted very seriously I would stop fo the police again.

    I talked with a Lawyer the next day, he told me I really didnt have a case since the police didnt arrest me, or shoot me, or I got physically harmed, however I did get my money back plus some for that trip, and probably an idiot area U-Haul Manager fired, who had saw the truck a Wally World and reported it stolen with out verifying it had been rented out.

    This leads to the second "Car Theft". 3 weeks after the U-Haul incident, I was heading home from work, I had a 40 minute one way commute, and I got off at 1:00 in the morning. At that time of night I had no reason to hurry, I saved gas and did 60 in a 70 mph zone. Again I was on a 4-lane, me and a deputy sheriff only ones on the road, he pulls up by me on the left, and suddenly hits his breaks, and pulls behind me and hits me with his lights.

    He comes up to the window, and asked me for license, registration and insurance, which I give him. He comes back about 10 minutes later and askes me who truck belonged to. I asked him if he could read. I had just given him 3 forms of identification and apparently he was not comprehending what he was looking at. So he asked me where I got the truck. By this time, I had already figured out this little routine, went through the same drill 3 weeks earlier, and I was getting mad. So I asked him point blank, "Are you trying to say I stole this truck? If you are, then you need to do one of the following, shoot me, arrest me or cause me bodily harm, that is what my lawyer told me 3 weeks ago when I stole the U-Haul so I can sue someone." He gives me this wild look and says, I will be right back. 10 minutes later he came back and apologized, said he had miss read a number on the VIN. He never did tell me why he stopped me.

    I sometimes think if I didnt have bad luck I would have none at all. I am sure there are some interesting stories out there, stuff that has happened to people with no fault of their own.
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    Blacklick, Ohio
    I dont know if I ever want to ride with you :smile2:, the worst thing I can think of is getting a parking notice that I left my car by the Prison here in Columbus. I had to write a letter out with my boss to state that at the time I was at work. I even called the number and told them I have no idea where the prison is even located. The model of the car was wrong and the license was wrong I dont know how they got me.

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    Not too long ago,My wife recieved a ticket summons from Albequerque N M ,had her truck tag# and make of her truck on it. She was all frieked out over it,cause we hadnt been out of town in months. I had her call the # and ask what the deal was. The gal looked the ticket # up on thier puter,yup not a ford, not the tag# but a white dodge truck,with a similar tag# . Thank goodness they got it all straightened out . typo on thier part.
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    Ok, I swear I didn't laugh ; )~

    Thanks for the good readin. I even had my wife come in and read it. A bit humorous to read now but I know you didn't see anything funny at the time.

    I've had my share of bad luck also and the biggest thing that bothered me was the way they treat ya until they find out they are dead wrong. If your standing there with numerous cops, guns drawn,handcuffed, the works...they why do they always treat you like $h!T ???? ( like your really goin somewhere ) I just think telling nothing about what's going on or to " shut up " is..errrr, it just boils my blood thinking about it.

    I know they deal with a lot but...I'm a man and I demand respect...I don't ask for it. I've gave em hell before but it don't pay fact it hurts, LOL.

    A lawyer has told me the same thing. Next time it happens make sure you are in front of the camera and when they put their hands on ya just make sure you slip,,,band your head..smash your knee...something to leave a mark, LOL. I know you had better things to do but for me..I aint playin fair if it ever happens again.

    Sorry your wife and kids had to see all of this. Look at the bright didn't get shot or bit on the @$$ from a canine ; )~

    You have a good day and thanks for the story.

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    About 5-6 years ago, I bought 5 Orion 2 buses and all the spare parts off a city in WI. Got a good deal on Ebay and was going to turn 1 into a motor home.

    Well we changed our minds and I ended up selling them all one at a time on Ebay to different folks.

    After they were all sold and gone the town I bought them from sent me a letter they received from NY saying one of the buses I bought had been going thew an IPASS deal on the toll road without paying.

    In Indiana we get new plates every year or a new set of stamps for the plates. WI keeps the plates on vehicles. I did not know that. Apparently while those buses were in transit to me on 3 semis, someone lifted the plates. Someone was using those WI license plates on their motor home. lol

    It took a little letter writing, but it got straightened out.

    Once when I was a dumb kid, I went after work drinking with some Friends in their car. Well speeding threw New Buffalo, MI we were stopped and this driver had a 22 pistol under the seat, only it slid out when we were stopped.

    Whoa did the s**t hit the fan then. Have any of you folks tryed getting out of a 2 door 68 Impala from the back seat with your hand on your head. It's hard let me tell you. lol lol

    It all got straightened out, but for a while I thought some new kid law enforcement Jr. officer was going to shoot me with the 22 he had pointed at me.

    Note to Self---- Never, when looking down the barrel of an officers gun, tell them, you have searched me, have hand cuffed me and now if you shoot me with that 22 you have pointed at me, I will own everything you will ever make. I do not want to have a 22 dug out of me.

    Note to Self--- Never identify the caliber of the gun out loud, as they think you are not supposed to know what is pointing at you. LOL LOL

    I was young and mad. Heck if you are going to shoot me, shoot me with something that will at least go threw me. Then I can patch both holes.

    Now I am a responsible adult. LOL
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    Now this one will really get you.

    Apparently I have some kids somewhere I dont know about, or any the Department of human services think I do.

    In 2006, I was expecting 2500 or so dollars IRS refund. Well I get this letter from IRS stating that they had sent my tax return to the Department of Human Services for back Child Support in the state of Oklahoma. I called up the people who handle the front end work for welfare, which is a company not associated with the state. I got the lady on the phone and explained the letter and told her I didnt even know which county or where the county was at I was suppose to have kids in. She asked me for my Social Security number, I gave it to her, and she said, sir I can find anything on you and hung up.

    Needless to say this did not set very well with me. I call back and apparently she was the only on working the floor, so I asked her nicely to give me a supervisor, that she apprently did not know what she was doing. The next Lady found my SSN in the system some where, and we found out someone else was using it.

    Then finally got me in touch with a snotty lady from DHS (Bean Counter) I think and she told me I would have to wait a month to get my money back, that that was when the sent out DHS checks, I quickly informed her I did not recieve DHS checks and I want my money or I would be down in their office to collect it in 2 hours and someone had better have it. I got my money back, and they assured me this would never happen again. I told them I want this guys information, due to him using my SSN, they said they couldnt give me that because that was against the law? They had all my information and crap, why couldnt I have his?

    Well like my last story it gets better. Year 2007 tax return time, got another big return coming had plans for it guessed it, DHS got it again.

    I kept a folder with all the information, i.e. names, phone numbers, ect, because I knew the idiots were not going to do what they told me. I by passed the idiot customer service people this time. I talk to the old cranky lady, her first words out of her mouth were, "How did you get my number", I told her I kept it from last years episode. Then me and her commenced to getting into it. I finally just hung up on her, when she told me again it would be a month before I got my money.

    I went to high school with my ex State senator, and his brother took over the office after him. I called his office and requested to speak with him. His secretary said he wasnt in but was there anything she could do, so I told her the story of what had happened both years, and she was amazed. She assured me someone would be getting in touch with me.

    In the mean time I called a lawyer or two to find out my legal rights. Or lack there of, I had to have a court order which would have only cost me 2500 dollars to get, to keep DHS from doing this to me again. So, now I am really hot.

    I go in and e-mail ever state senator in Oklahoma a e-mail on what had happened, and a letter to my Govenor. At 1:00 I had to leave for work, when I walked into work and got off the elevator my phone rang. It was the same cranky old woman, who I had got into it early. She said, "Well you didnt have to get Senators involved." I told her I was finished with her yet, and hung up on her. The next calls were from Credit Bureau people assuring me there was nothing on my credit report, I assured them if it did show up they were sued.

    In a week I had my money. The county where this happened it took their state senator 1 1/2 months to call me. About 3 weeks after this happened, I get a letter from the Govenor and in this letter it state, that he was holding the Director from the DHS personally responsible to ensure this is taken care of.

    So now, here is the way I figure it. They do it once more, I have em nailed, may not have a 2500 dollars court order, but I think that letter from the Govenor, will do just fine.