Crazy people that keep over the limit..

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  1. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    Had a guy tell me at Pickwick dam he can give away all the fish he care's to as long as he does not have a limit on him. Guess what? TWRA was writing tickets as fast as they could for months. yes they were watching these people catch there limit giving them away. Then the next fish they were breaking the limit law. So therefor they received a ticket.
    Funny thing this one guy was crying about all the people that were doing that. But then told me he would catch a limit that am, Then go home clean them be back around 2 PM to catch the next limit of fish. I asked him why he could break the law? But grip about the other's?
    His answer was the book showed he could have 2 limits a day.. He thought that was true. Stupid him................ I told him that was if he was camping and caught a limit yesterday and then today. That was what thats about..
    It just kills me that so many people cry about someone else. Then break the law by giving away fish and keeping there limit also. Theres days I would like to see wardens with 5ft tall stack of ticket books burning up ink.

    Some even give away big blues and flat heads and still think as the fish is not in there boat. There legal to keep the next one for there selfs.:confused2::angry: Get a Rope..:wink:

    I will get off my soap box now. But this to me is someone that can't see how wrong they are. But can see everyone else.

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    Pete, I agree,What about the A-holes that catch a school of baby cats while trying to get shad? I've seen whole nets full of 3'4" cats thrown in trashcans because the owner didnt want to take the time to release them. IMO That still counts toward the daily limit.:angry:

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    Lyons, GA
    Some people think that it's different because it's them doing it, but in the end, they're just as guilty.
    I've always thought that people who throw away perfectly good fish like that are scum. If we all treat the outdoors that way, there won't be much left for the next generation to enjoy.
  4. Mickey

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    People are convinced that they have a right to do what they want and can justify their actions.:sad2::sad2:
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    To me that just some more of the ones that don,t need to be fishing to begin with ,Do as i say ,not as i do mentality . The regs are put there for everyone else not me attitudes of some people out there in our world .
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    No, I haven't heard anybody say they were allowed 2 limits a day or thought they could give fish away, then catch a limit, but I sure saw a bunch of lawbreakers this past spring. They were bank fishing in an area where the game warden visits at least 2-3 times a week, and plenty of fish of various species were being caught. They'd catch their fish, and regardless of size or number limits, they'd throw them in a 5 gal bucket full of water. Every now and then they'd carry it up to the vehicle, then drain it, then throw the fish on ice in a cooler. They'd make several trips to their vehicle in a day's time. So, if the game warden got nearby, they could always empty their bucket into the river. And I saw lots of cast netters keeping undersized stripers and largemouth bass this year, too.
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    I have known people that think they can linit out two times a day.They are the smae people that think its okay to drink and drive as long as your not drunk."some peoples kids"
  8. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    just shows the stupidity of some people and the true need for more game officals. i hate to say it, but it is going to get worse as the economy gets worse. people are going to start fishing and hunting to feed their families like we haven't seen in a long time. at the same time they are going to justify keeping over the limit anyway they can, even if it is by playing dumb...
  9. bigfordtruck

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    north carolina
    I can't stand people who think there above the law or just don't take the time to know what it is, it is a constant problem here know matter what your fishing 4 the asians will fish out any pond in the area they will keep anything dosent matter what size and the way the ones I've talked to justify it is there going to eat it so its ok. No it isn't ok
  10. DLB-in-GR

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    You're sure its just the Asians, now?

    All of the Asian Americans I've ever seen fishing were obeying the laws, it were whites I saw breaking them.

    And we all carry cell phones now, right? We see the folks do it, and who do we call? The poaching hotline? We see them loading up the car and coming back, who do we call with their license plate number?

    I'm lucky, where I fish regularly is very close to a MI DNR station. Poach in front of me and if you see me dialing you had better start dumping fish back fast, I've got the number stored in my phone.
  11. plainsman

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    In MN there is a daily limit and a possession limit. Fish on the stringer, and in the freezer all count. Its unlikely the game warden will pull up with a warrant to search your freezer without some justification.
  12. Colsrob

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    While Minn may be different, I know that many States Game Wardens do not need a warrant to enter your home. It was pointed out a long time ago, when other law enforcement agencies would have a Warden tag along on drug busts. He would enter first, and they didn't need to worry about the a warrant.:big_smile:

    It may be a bit close to, or over, the line, but it is fairly interesting.
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    Couldn't of said it better myself
  14. DLB-in-GR

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    Here in MI they have a central dispatch for the poaching hotline and will send out the nearest Conservation Officer to the scene. In my case, that's usually about 5 minutes I think, in a State Park with a DNR office on site. And for the effort they give us a reward if we can provide evidence that somebody is poaching and report it. The only poaching I've ever seen in person was when I was a teen and didn't have a cell phone ('89 or '90 I think), some dude was filling up a bucket with undersized largemouth bass, and way over the daily limit of 5. I carry a camera now for photographing the elusive trophy fish, and a cell phone, and I know being a snitch isn't highly regarded, but poachers are robbing us all and our kids by doing something detrimental to our sport. If I could get a boat registration number, or a license plate number, maybe even a picture of the person in the act, that would go far toward getting me in on that reward money. I looked it up and between '00 and '06 there were 200,000 calls to the hotline in MI, resulting in over 45,000 legit complaints, and almost $117,000 was awarded in rewards for that period.

    I think in Michigan there might be a different attitude towards it all than that of states with limited fishing waters; we have so many lakes and rivers and so many fish that most would just turn a blind eye, maybe complain about it to their buddy later but that's all. I care about the lake I fish in and the catfish population there (as well as other species) and I don't think I could sit by and watch someone doing that anymore.

    I'm not the fish police, but I'll help for a reward.