Crazy Fish Stories

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    I know this sounds strange, but it did happen. I was fishing at Fall River Resevior, Fall River, Kansas when I was at the young age of 14. There is a retaining wall below the dam and people would wade out and line up in front of the wall and cast into the waterfall, with 1/4 oz doll flies and catch drum. I saw 2 guys hook the same fish , and they were fighting against one another. What a funny sight. When they got the fish in, there lines had got tangled together and the fish sucked in both jig. About the same time another guy caught a 37# flat on a yellow doll fly. We had a pretty exciting day.
    How bout your crazy stories.
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    cant top that one , but have seen dad pull a 20# carp up over a dam with 6# line and also seen him hang a beaver while fly fishing .

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    I was trout fishing in lake Don padro in CA Its in the bay area close to Oakland. I was almost limited out and at the time the limit was 8. I hooked a small trout maybe 5-6 inches or so and almost had it in when a bass about 2 or so lbs ate it and started stripping line. It didn\'nt fight too hard but i was on light tackle and it was a good fight. When I got it about 8 ft or so from the shore a Channel cat came up and ate the bass. Yea yea I know bulldoodoo right? But it actualy happened and after fight ing the channel that probably went 10-15 lbs on 8 lb line I almost got it, just as I started to pull it up on the shore my line snapped and away it went. I was around 15 and the only one with me was my dad and of course he was about 50 ft up the shoreline so I have no witnesses but I know it happened. Wish I coulda brought it in and then I could've showed everyone.
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    Just cause there's no witnesses don't mean nothing in my book! When you're out and about there's no tellin whats gonna happen or what you're gonna see just the way life works in my opinion! Thanks for sharin your story.What an awesome thing for a young boy to experience!:smile2: