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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Bill in SC, Dec 11, 2008.

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    i use ivory soap some times i have a bar in my big catfish tackle box .only have luck on it in the tenn river

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    Thanks Bill great post printed me a copy of your post I am reading keith Sutton"s Catching cat fish good book you can get them at Academy also:smile2:
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    i have a big bag of lie soap in the garage it has no smell at all . i wonder how it could attract a fish . i might try it this coming year
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    that some good info i guess every one has there own opinion my grandad used cigarette butts
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    wow i would have never thought soap lol good post!!
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    I've never used a chick...a puppy...or a kitten. Nothin' that ever had a

    I have however used rabbit guts before as a bait...when we'd clean up a mess of fresh wild cottontails.

    Channel and blue cats alike will gobble them right up.

    I have a friend who is a butcher that saves beef melt for me. The spleen I believe it is. I marinate them in chicken liver juice...and they work quite well for river channel and blues both.

    Spring Peeper frogs are lethal...during warm spring and summer nites...I'll cruise the backroads following a gully washer rain...and have my 4 girls in the back with nets. We'll find a low lying area...and they'll jump out and pick them off in front of the headlites. I just sit back and laugh...they'll never forget this as long as they live...nor will I. :smile2:

    Hellgramites are deadly channel and blue bait as well...those pinchin' sob' Got my finger bloodied more than once by those vise like jaws while reaching into a bait can at night time while wading a riffle.

    Grasshoppers, crickets, grubs, and catalpa worms are all good channel cat bait.

    We snag spoonbill around here hard and heavy in early to mid well as bowfish for gar.

    The eggs from these two species...both big time annual spawners...are the absolute king of all baits locally.

    I have used untold and unknowable numbers of perch and shad as bait in my lifetime...but also channel cat, bull head, bass, carp, white bass, trout, various suckers, chubs, and shiners.

    Probably too many to mention...except for flathead, blues, crappie, and walleye. They just taste too good to be bait.

    Just about anything that smells and tastes nasty enough will score a channel or blue...but my preference is with live bait.

    I have found that a guy tends to get better quality fish of all species around here with a 2" - 4" lively black perch...or whatever is naturally he does with cut or dip bait.

    The whole key to that IMO is match the hatch...and you'll be apt to get a more consistent bite...especially when you begin to realize that there are so many other relavent factors and different conditions surrounding your success/failure to catch fish.

    Explore your options...switch bait...location...presentation...depth.

    What have you got to lose on a slow day?
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    cat is there any thing you havent used for baits would have been a shorter list lol lmao hahahha
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    There's a company in Texas that makes a soap bait for jug and trot lines. It's supposed to be really good, but i've never ordered any of it.
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    That was an interesting article, and gives me some ideas.
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    The first bait I ever used on a trotline (throwline) for bait was Ivory soap. I believe that there are better baits, but it will certainly catch cats, and nothing but cats will hit it. But it's an awfully slow bite to use on a rod & reel.

    I accidentally discovered how well bacon works. I had taken my grandkids fishing, and nothing was working, even though we had tried half a dozen different baits. Some weeks earlier, a half-package of bacon sat in the fridge too long to be safe to eat, so I marked it 'Cat Bait', and put it in the fridge. That was the only thing we hadn't tried, so I put some on. We immediately began catching fish. I was surprised at that, and also at how well it stayed on the hook. That gave me the idea of trying a couple of other pork baits.

    Chitlings: At times, I've done very well using chitlings flavored with various things, such as garlic powder, anise, and the contents of shrimp flavor packets from Ramen Noodles. Powdered cheese should work well, but I haven't tried it yet. Stays on the hook till you take it off!

    Salt Pork: More expensive than chitlings, but there's no prep, and no smell if you keep it cool. I've caught blues up to 16# on it. Stays on the hook almost as well as chitlings.

    One of our members (Metalman) uses only small strips of heavy aluminum foil for bait. He says he is very successful with it.
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    i used bacon worked well rick good for channels
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    Caught a 3 # channel on a piece on my levi Garrett plug of chew.