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  1. unclebobo

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    just wondering if anyone uses crayfish as bait?
  2. whisker maniac

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    I occasionally use crawfish as bait when I can get plenty of them. They are a natural food source for just about any kind of fish. They work well on rod and reel and trotline alike. You can't go wrong using crawfish but there is no telling what you will catch.

  3. Angler4life

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I do use them a lot for bait. I mostly use them when fishing for smallmouth bass in a river near where I live. It seems that the best time to get them is soon after they have molted, when they are considered soft-shelled. I often take their pinchers off unless they are small. I rig them by using no more than a 1/0 hook, hooking them from the bottom of the tail up through the top. I put a split shot about 1 foot up the line. What is bad about using crayfish is that they will craw into crevaces and get you into a lot of snags. To help avoid this problem, I only let them walk around on the bottom for a minute or so before jigging them off the bottom once. This also helps get fishes attention. I have also had luck with catching channel cats in a local lake using crayfish on a gravel bottom. Good luck!