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    Where would you rate crawfish on the bait scale.Never used them much,but have a place now,that they are pretty abundant.
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    I have used crawfish extensively throughout my fishing experience...ever since I was a kid. My cousins and I could catch alot of them with minimum effort and we ran our trotlines, limb lines, log lines, and jig poles with them. One thing I have noticed about crawfish is that you'll catch mainly channel, a few blues, and a flathead every once in awhile. With perch you'll catch mainly blues and flathead. With bullhead and carp you'll catch nearly all flathead. With shad theres no telling what you'll get. However, this pattern tends to vary in different bodies of water. It all depends on what part the crayfish plays in the forage chain at various locations.
    In my opinion there is no finer bait for big bass than crawfish. I have caught most of my bigger bass on a live crawfish (Or a perch) while rod and reel fishing for channel in some strip pits we have near where I live.
    Just about anything will take a shot at a crawfish at one time or another. It just all depends on how hungry and how opportunistic of a mood the predator fish is feeling right then.
    I'll fish them carolina rigged most times. You can hook through the tail in a manner that won't kill them. You can also hook through the little horn they have there right below their eyes. That method works well if you plan to fish the live crawfish like you would a plastic worm. Weightless is best...but you can't always get away with using zero weight...especially in current, because when your line is tight...the crawfish tends to rise to the top of the water. Everytime you lift the crawfish up and set it down when fishing it like a lure flips its tail and scoots backwards. This can be deadly on wary fish that are planning on watching the bait for awhile before they decide if they're going to eat it or not. A floating jighead also works nicely for getting deeper suspended fish you have located on your fish finder to bite.
    Crawfish are also easy to keep alive. A cooler with some grass and a little bit of water in the bottom of it works great. Just be sure you use a lid. A cage you immerse in the water works also.
    I'll get mine mostly either by seining or with traps. Another way is to set a lantern at the edge of a weedy body of water and collect them at the waters edge when they come to the light. I have done this before after running out of bait when the channel were hitting hard and heavy.

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    Redmon Illinois
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    i prefer softcraws i use them and eithe tip with nightcrawler or leeches
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    I have always use crawfish for bait. So far, it worked well for me