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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by justwannano, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. justwannano

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    SE Iowa
    Anybody have plans for a homemade crawfish trap?

  2. Dirtdobber

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    Vian Okla
    Check the BOC library there are some plans there

  3. catfishinsc

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    I just use the $8 minnow trap from Wal-Mart, the kind with two halves that you put together. Many places sell these but I've seen them as much as $12. They also have a crawfish trap that is the same thing just with bigger entrance holes, but I don't want that big of crawfish to use for bait, plus I think they're more likely to find their way out with the bigger holes.

    I think those traps are well worth the cost because they are easier to use than anything I can make easily, especially now with the bait holders I make for them. I make bait holders out of screen mesh and use thin wire to hold them suspended in the middle of the trap, and I use the hooks where you put the two halves of the trap together to hold the bait holders in place. I've caught 5-6 times as many crawfish using the bait holders than just letting the bait float in the trap. I think they would eat the bait through the trap if I just let it float around.
  4. atvracer

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    I also use the regular minnow trap from Wal-Mart, works great. I do not bait mine. When I take crawdads out I leave a couple in there, seems to attract more into the trap.
  5. chad69dart

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    I build my own. I don't have any plans written down but if you have a need just drop me a line and I will see what I can do about making some. They are fairly easy to make. The hardest thing to make is the funnel.

    I make mine out of 1/4 hardware cloth and the work pretty good. The are pretty tough as several have survived gator attacks:eek:oooh:

    Just PM me if you don't find what your looking for and I will try and hook you up.
  6. Catfish_Rob

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    Cincinnati, OHIO
    I have been trapping crawfish the past year pretty well. I use one of those 2 gallon pretzel containers. I drill holes top and bottom on the outside, where the air can get trapped. Around the top where the lid goes I connect a peice of rubber mesh material that looks like a net but holds it shape. I cut it to make a funnel. Then I tie a line to the top and bait the inside with bread or a dead minnow or two. I usually leave it in a creek hole over night and it yields between 2-6 crawfish per trap.

    There are specific laws in OHIO about how big the opening can be. In OHIO it is 1 inch. I am not sure about other states. Anway I hope this helped. If you want me to paste a picture I can do that for you just let me know.
  7. bigwig531

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    how do you know it is a good area where there is plenty crawfish?

    me and my brother went to a local lake and shined a flash light into the water, there was litterally HUNDREDS of crawfish laying in the shallows. would that be an idea place to use them or a place to try somthing eles as they may be bored of crawfish?
    just wondering.
  8. joshmorgan

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    columbia, MS
    U can take a 5 gallon water jug like they use in those fancy office buildings and cut the top of it off about an inch and a half below where it stops tapering. Take a hand grinder and cut short holes in the top all the way around about an inch or so apart. They will need these to help climb up the slick slope while climbing into the trap. Now take the the top, turn it backward and slide it inside the bottom until the edges are flush. Now drill some holes in the sides where the top and bottom fit together and put some bolts through the holes to hold all in place. I use wing nuts just in case they get tightened down to tight. Now drill several holes in sides so it will sink faster and the water will drain out faster and it won't be so heavy to lift out of the water. Tie a rope around the handle and ur ready to go.
  9. bsites9

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    go to youtube, at the top click videos, then in the search bar, type something like crawfish traps... there will be a guy there that has a 3 part video, and they look like really good traps. plus they look easy and cheap.
  10. Catfishboy1995

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    Council Bluffs
    I have a $7 minnow trap fron wal-mart and i put bog foood bluegill heads and chicken liver in it and seem to get a lot of them!!..My buddy has a crawdad trap he got at bass pro for $18 :crazy:..not worth it i would get a minnow trap fron walmart...they have the same thing for crawdads to that just have a bigger hole!