Crawdads For Bait

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by mwrmar4, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. mwrmar4

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    Need some ideas on how to present a crawdad to a hungry you guys think they will work as good in small lakes as on the river?Thanks.
  2. Georgiajack

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    Crawfish will work for cats because it is a natural forage just about everywhere. Fish it on the bottom on rod, and reel, jug lines, trotlines, noodle rigs. A lot of folks will pinch the head to kill it, and release more scent into the water. Down here crawdads, caltalpa worms, and cut bait are all good, if looking for smaller sized channels, and blues. For the big boys go with live bait such as bluegills, bullheads, large shiners, goldfish, and a warmouth is also good. Hope this helps, good fishin', Jack.

  3. Taliesin

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    I've always had good luck with crawdads anywhere. If I can get them.

    I tend to run the hook in at the bottom of the tail and out at the bottom of the main body. just have to find a way to present them so that they don't find their way under rocks. Because of this I usually use a drop rig so they are suspended off the bottom a little bit.
  4. elalr

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    warsaw missouri
    I've always hooked them through the tail but left them alive. I pull off their pinchers for easy handling. i have fished them suspended below jugs, and bobbers. i've used them on trot lines, and rod and reel on the bottom. I've had medium success with them in lakes , but great success in ponds. good luck
  5. laidbck111

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    drop shot rig are use a stand-out hook and bell sinker.
  6. Malichi1970

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    Fenton, Missouri
    start your hook under the tail at teh very end and run it up towards the body, bring it out just before the body itself staying int he meat of the tail. This will allow it to live and won't kill it, if you go into it's body it will kill the daddie and that's no good. I don't pinch the head or take the pinchers off unless it's a big daddie then I may pull one off. I leave the pinchers on because they wil move them around to defend itself not that those little pinchers are gonna stop a catfish, but it does create more movement. If your fishing in any kind of current your fine with fishing them on the bottome, but if your in a pond then I would suggest trying to keep them off the bottom like was suggested earlier because they will hide under anything down there that they can get under. Good luck, I've always had GREAT luck using crawdads for catching just about anything.